Sunday, October 30, 2016

#Uganda will default - lend them money at your risk

China signed the anti corruption global deal last year. It is required to do business with Europe and North America. China never gives money for free. It all has to be paid back.

There is also something in International courts. If you cannot prove that the money you gave to a developing country was fully used for developing projects, the country has no obligation to pay it back.

Argentina woke up one day and defaulted on all debt. I was actively trading in 2001 as I had a little bambina and was off work for 60 weeks.

I had moved from stocks and options to forex. I had a kid strapped on my back. I am looking at the 3 screens and all of a sudden the US dollar spikes up.

I did not place a trade. I flipped on the TV to only see on @CNBC that Argentina had just defaulted. This is too good because I tend to make money when things go south.

Their lenders walked away with nearly nothing. Bankruptcy means all debt is forgiven and you pay a very tiny proportion of what you owe. It can be as low as 5% of what you owe.

China is pulling off money from Uganda because they know we will use this none publicized option. Let people lend money to Uganda at their peril.

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Lenders to Uganda make a very big mistake to think we shall pay them back after dictator #Museveni falls. Go ahead and fund him.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
My background is IT and business.

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