Sunday, October 30, 2016

#Uganda does not respect animal or human rights

Mzee always stopped for animals. There were many on the road through Mabira forest. He would always pull off the road "that baboon likely has babies".  He had allowed us to keep Mr. Tortoise and a family in Nairobi. So he was always teaching us to love animals.

Then one time we are on the road in Busitema. There were many gorillas. Something we had never seen. Pulls off the road so that we can watch nature. Some idiot ran over one mama gorilla. It was traumatic.

We always had to read the paper. First the paper, he would pull out Ekanya and cross puzzles. Then ask us to summarize the news. Then we had to do the crossword puzzle. Then we would get our comic section.

This one time as we were still in Mbale, the paper said baboon were attacking women in Busitema. He said nothing.

On the way back to Kampala, the gorillas were all over the place. He pulled over. Richard even had to pee.

We watch cars speeding and the gorillas are on the road.

I will never forget what he said.

The baboons chase women because women collect firewood from their habitat.

Baboons come onto the road because the sound of saws cutting down trees is too much for them.

When you grow up, protect the animals. If you could drain a swimming pool to hide your Mr. Tortoise, what can you not do for gorillas?

Guess what! We became even more hooked on the news paper daily.

When dad retired from UPTL and returned to the village, I arranged for someone to take the newspaper for him daily from Mbale to Bududa.

Reading is powerful.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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