Sunday, October 30, 2016

Tortured but not broken - Doreen Nyanjura #FDC #Uganda

Okay you thugs, arrest all the women. Beat them. Torture them. Did you ever carry a baby in your belly for 9 months and then push out a football?

Women are very powerful so just stop joking with us. Below is Doreen in her own words. It is now global. Never wonder why fubding gets suspended. Women power.

I was brutally arrested after chasing Kayihura goons from state house Kasangati. I was whisked off to Kasangati police station together with Medard, the People's President farm manager.

At Kasangati police station, Medard was thrown at the reception floor. I was brutally picked from the reception by two men and women who forced me  in a room behind the police station. One huge, tall, giant dark man in a white shirt with two women in police uniforms without name tags started hitting my leg joints with battons as the man in the white shirt rapidly slapped my face.

As they beat me two police officers with name tags, Amulen and Asiimwe were pleading with them to stop in vain.

Fortunately I know the face of the Kifesi who commanded the beating. He is the kiguy Nbs captured fighting for tyre cutters with Brian Atuheire Batenda.

After the beatings, I was taken back to the reception, forced to sit on the floor as one officer registered the items I was arrested with. Minutes after registering my items, I was brutally pulled off the floor and  pushed back under the police pickup seats and whisked off to Kawempe police station under heavy down pour, it rained on us (myself and Medard ) all the way from Kasangati until Tura were it wasn't raining.

At Kawempe police station, I was denied visitors, food and medication. I found two girls in the female cell, Shamim and Sharon, both below 16 years, one was arrested for losing her mother's 100K while the other is a lunatic. At around 8:30PM, I was called out of the cells to record a statement, the officer who was taking my statement refused to include how I was beaten and tortured while at Kasangati police station, I refused to sign on the statement.

At 9:00PM, they brought a police van to take me home, I rejected the police van and opted to walk home with Makerereans who had camped at the police station singing, 'We want Nyanjura, we want our Councillor'. I was released without any charges preferred against me!

I am back home with joint and face pains as a result of the slaps and batons. I am limping abit but I will be fine. I am more hardened by the beatings.

I applaud the Makerere team headed by Commander Wanyera Simon and Katana Brian, I applaud my FDC comrades, friends and all those who made my release possible, I am truly humbled.

It's now 2:10am, despite the pain from the beatings, I am still wide awake mobilising for the eviction of Kifesi police that has taken over the president's home. The struggle Must Continue.

 Yours Nyanjura Doreen-Iron Lady

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