Monday, October 31, 2016

Peanut and jelly sandwich for lunch - #Parenting

Allergies. Allergies. Then more allergies. Why is it that when we were kids, we used to take a pnut jelly sandwich to school for lunch and now all prosucts with nuts are banned from all the schools in Canada?

Over time, we have developed allergies to what used to be normal foods.

I have always liked nuts and put nuts in most everything. But this one time I crawled out of bed to get the girls ready for the school bus. Toast and a splash of pnut butter. The little one ate it with her glass of milk. The older one refused.

OMG! I am half asleep. Made more toast and put nuttela on it. She refused to eat it. So I lost my cool.

"This is not a restaurant. You will eat what I put on the table or go hungry". Kid looks at me, "there is this friend in my class who is severely allergic to nuts. Even if I eat and brush, I could hug her and my nut breakfast could make her sick".

Grabs the phone and calls Thierry "pick me up a MacDonald egg mucmuffin. Mom is sending me to school hungry".

Apparently he takes orders. Chefs know about allergies and when they plan menus, they ask about allergies. I had been feeding those kids egoobe in Odii as soon as they got 2 teeth.

Aha! Does it mean that what my kids eat is not good enough for the other kids? Until...

I used to drive a friend's kid to school. That school did not allow any citrus fruits or pineapples. Some kids were allergic.

Then this other little kid used to come over. She used to act strange and sick each time. OMG, our dog and cat which crawl over everything were making the kid sick. So now she takes an allergy pill before coming over because Theodore jumps all over her.

Then one day, we go for allergy tests. Asthma. I am thinking "I can deal with it but the girls are in sports and is this one of the reasons why Tasha petters out while doing track and field?"

The doctor was cool. Inform the school. Pack the puffers in their bags and put puffers everywhere.

Puffers in school bag. Puffers in bathroom. Puffers in the living room. Puffers beside each bed. We take no chances. I have no idea how much money my employer pays for our medical care or even the government.

The schools in Canada are amazing. The teachers have a kid heading onto the field or court and 30minutes prior, they check all the kids and walk up to the asthma kids and tell them to take their puffers.

Why would you not like to move to Canada where everyone cares?

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Twitter: @mlnangalama
We do not use epipens but I have written about this in the past. I wear a medical alert watch as I am also allergic to all blood products.

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