Sunday, October 30, 2016

No autopsy report for #Ugandan diplomat found dead in Asmterdam airport


There are 2 ways to ship things on planes.

1) Cargo flight is strictly cargo with just a few people on the plane. The plane is full of cargo. James Wasikye is a plane maintenance engineer with TWA just so you all know we do not sweep streets. Usually these planes are chartered for roots or operate on a contract to do pickups and drop offs in designated airports. Martha Leah Nangalama was on the Moncton Canada airport team to bring in a cargo flight weekly to take our products to Europe. We chose Liege in Belgium. It is central and the landing fees were $14,000 then $5,000 for every hour on the tamac. In Liege we had trucks immediately take our cargo to distributors. Non, I also do not sweep streets.

2) Belly cargo is via regular passenger flights. Luggage is limited to 2 checked pieces on international flights. Extra luggage costs a lot of money. These planes do not only carry passengers but carry cargo in the belly of the plane. The cargo pays a lot for the plane.

All shipments no matter what require you to submit a bill of landing and any other pertinent documents that go with the shipment. You take your shipment to the airport with an envelop of all documents. Included will be health certificate, invoice from the receiver and you. In the case of a dead body, it will include autopsy documents in the language of the shipping country. Normally documents will be in English and maybe the language of origin. Always English besides other languages. The English language is the International language of commerce and navigation.

The envelop is not sealed for the receiving airline will want to verify what they are loading. That envelop is handed over to the receiver when the plane lands before the cargo can be cleared.

You cannot ship a dead body with health documents. The receiver on the other side gets the envelop before the cargo.

Dude dead body was shipped without an autopsy report. Do we look like idiots?

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
I was a half owner of a seafood export company for 5years.

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