Sunday, October 30, 2016

Kids should have pet animals. Teaches them compassion & responsibility

Aminals love unconditionally and they can teach us a lot about unconditional love.

I really did not care much for pets. After all in #Uganda you are lucky to get one meal a day.

When we were in Nairobi, we adopted a tortoise and a family of porcupines. Dad made us taje care of them daily "if you domesticate a wild animal, you become responsible for its life". I still have no idea why we were grabbing wild animals.

Perhaps because our dog had been poisoned by some idiot neighbour. His name was Mr. Dog. We were creative with names. So we named Mr. Tortoise and Mrs. Pocupine.

I am in the office soon to drive home. Thierry calls me that I must pick up the kids at Kennedy & Eglinton. Not too far from the office. My brain goes into overdrive. Aha, there is an animal shelter at that location. I gently said I was gonna pick up the girls but what was wrong with his truck

"Nangi, just come get the kids and you will see".

I pull into the parking lot and my kids are playing with a dog and laughing like you have any idea. Now I understand. I take the girls home and he takes Sheba. German shepherds are very big animals. The shelter gave us all his toys. We get home and show him around. He settles on Becjy's bed. I am so African. I am freaking out about Sheba.

Thiery calmed me down. Next day, Shena is teaching Natasha to walk. I watched a tiny kid finally stop to hold onto furniture and hold onto a dog and walk. Sheba was smart. He sensed her confidence in walking and one time let go. She walked alone. But after the first walk on her own, the damn dog knocked her down with too many kisses as if to say "I knew you could do it".

I have no idea how much money the company spent on the transfer from Toronto but they moved that dog in style.

Fast forward. I come from work and there is a cat. Apparently it was halloween and the music teacher had a kitten. I am looking in the mirror. "Why is it that I am always the last one to know?"

Sheba passed away. Then this one time (3yrs later), the fax machine is printing silly none work related things. Imagine my shock when I read thr print. "Mommy, we are getting a dog. His name is Theodore. Just sign the papers and alert the vet".

Never ever argue with kids. Faxed papers. Next day go pick up Theodore. The shelter told us to walk him around. We did. Then after somemoney we had to take him. He refused to get into the car. He is a lab/sheperd mix so he is heavy.

Meanwhile I am looking at the dog which does not want a ride in a mercedes. I thought that dog was stupid. The little monster is yelling "I promised Theodore yesterday that we were gonna take him out of the shelter today".

Grabbed that dog and carried him into the car. His weight was 40kg and mine was 45kg. There was no way in hell he was gonna win.

That is how we got Theodore. Natasha wrote about Theodore (published article) but did not mention much about how she got her dog.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Twitter: @mlnangalama
Passionate about human and animal rights.

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