Sunday, October 30, 2016

Is #Uganda government responsible for the rampant impoverishment of its citizens?

It is a fact that the government of Uganda has impoverished Ugandans. This is not because I know everything (which I do since I am a genius. Temuwakana). Let me show you how I know.

When the thugs "liberated" Uganda in 1986, they promised positive and fundamental change. I knew those hooligans were lying so I flew to Canada to complete my secondary school a year later.

Those fools started by selling off all our parastals, banks and anything of value. Hundreds of people lost their jobs and suddenly, they could not send their kids to Buddo, Namasagali, Gayaza or even Namagunga.

They then went back to the village to grow coffee and educate their kids. I hear some people were told to uproot their coffee and grow oranges and mangos. Damn!

The goons then invited Indians back (who Amin had kicked out). Now I hear Indians own most of the businesses in Uganda. Do you now miss His excellency Amin (RIP)?

The hooligans were not done yet. They proceeded to kill medical care. Hey, my father died in their hands because they had no medication to reduce his blood pressure. On his deathbed, he said "mayi Leah, ukhebilila ingo tta".

What is worse is killing education. Your minister of education is a school drop out with no Olevel or Alevel. That is how education died.

UPE and USE were celebrated. Many universities opened up and one has to pay for university. I hear they sell university graduates to Arabs for $2,000 a piece so they can send money home while cleaning, cooking or even doing Sex things. Some even die and their families cannot repatriat their dead bodies.

When you want to inflict poverty so you can rule forever, destroy education. The Uganda government has ensured that people pay for useless degrees and graduate and then write worse than a P3 kid.  How on earth did you get to university when you cannot compose a paragraph? Then you wonder why foreign companies come into Uganda and hire foreigners. Dude, if you cannot write English, go back to the village and grow tomatoes and sell them on the streets of Kampala!

Until your land is taken away via land grabbing and given to Chinese who can grow cassava or cotton. You do not even know how to grow them anyway.

Or even better, KCCA kills you while evicting you out of markets or off the streets for selling those tomatoes or runs over Baby Ryan.

How would like to read, learn and find a way out of poverty? But I forget the good of NRM. They invented the internet and gave you FBzero and WhatsApp so you can attack anyone who talks against the government. Listen buddies, I do not need a job or money. I have not applied for a job in 21yrs. Employers find me.

INFORMATION YOU MIGHT NOT LIKE but could use. Until your opinion pays my bills, remain silent. Silence is consent since you did not raise your voice when 67 dead youth washed up on the beaches of Lake in December 2015. Who even remembers?

Shaaa.... The government has caused poverty but your silence means that you are also guilty.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Proudly Ugandan and Canadian citizen.
Twitter: @mlnangalama
I am the only guilty party for all my opinions.

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