Friday, September 30, 2016

St. Jerome Feast Day - #Christian #Catholic #Saints #Love

St. Jerome feast day is September 30th.  My priest just reminded me of it and he does that every year.  I wish the world and Christians knew what a wonderful priest he is.  Father Richard McConnel has been the center for our family.  He is just a bit too smart though.  One time he threatened to take away my laptop and mobile phone and actually did it.  It is another story.  He actually did it.

On Sunday September 30th, 2007, I was supposed to read in our church.  Anglican Parish of Shediac, Canada.  I was not well.  In fact Becky told me my catheter had an infection.  I was running a high fever and had no idea why.  When the kid told me my catheter might be infected and went to sleep, I listened to the voice of a child.

Finally I realised that the fever was not going down and of course drove myself to the hospital.  It is a 25-30 minute drive but felt like 3 hours.  And I had to be in church in a few hours.

Finally I asked God to show me a sign.  Three stars fell out of the sky.  I was not convinced yet.  So I told God, if I should pull off the highway in case I cannot drive myself, I hope Jerome comes to get me.  Of course I did not pull off.  The drive is short but seemed like very long.  I actually had managed to get the pig flu (long story).

So finally when I was waiting in ER, I kept asking God to show me a sign.  Finally the nurse pulled me into the waiting room and low and behold at the desk to check me in was St. Jerome. The last time Jerome had driven me with a nurse to Saint John Regional was when I was apparently dying.  I have never forgotten Jerome or Christian.  Despite the odds, they kept talking to me because I was in and between conscious or awake.  So when I saw Jerome on September 30, 2007, I knew I would never be hospitalized again.  And the doctors ensured it.  I was in and out but not fully hospitalized.

What happens with religion is we get lost in faith.  We actually get consumed by our beliefs.  However, when you are dying, you often wonder why God has abandoned you.  I have lived this many times and on my death (many times), I never asked God why He abandoned me.  I have always asked that He shows His face.  I was too weak too many times and had to live on the prayers of others.  When our family priest, Father Richard McConnel came to pick me up from Saint John Regional Hospital (my other home) to bring me home, he knew that he had a fragile person to drive back to Moncton. Effortless.  He did not even have to give me the medication for the reactions against my treatments. Some people walk on water.

Back to St. Jerome. He was stunned when I walked up to him.  He could hardly talk.  But all is well.  St. Jerome saved my life.  Given how sick I was, it is a wonder I even drove myself to the hospital to tell them I was gonna die.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
PS:  I asked God one time why He had abandoned me.  He then abandoned me even more.  But when I was ready, God fought for my life.  I am a committed Christian and all my global friends know this. I just do not shove my religion in your face but put me on the spot to talk about my Christianity and you will have made a very big mistake.

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