Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Media is lying to you - #Uganda

We all know that media can lie or use slanted writing.

The last few days, Ugandans have trashed 2 big media houses in Uganda for lying.

Daily Monitor published a story that the High Court in Ireland had ordered Facebook to reveal the identity of our famous #TVO (the enigma which criticises the Ugandan government). 

Then NTV picked the story and ran with it kumbe their writers have envunza in their engalabi. Neither of these 2 media houses cross checked information for the source of that story for The Monitor was one Muwema thief liar and they printed it as if it was truth.

In our Uganda News Briefingz group, we had a party.  There is no way Facebook can be forced to reveal identity by a High Court and global media houses do not pick it up.  So we knew immediately that it was bullshit.  Irish Times (Ireland) had published the court case being thrown out.

Yesterday we watched Monitor scramble saying they had a copy of the court order.  We are still waiting.  The fact that Chimp Reports and Red Pepper did not publish it ought to have told Monitor that something was amiss. Instead yesterday they insisted it was true and their source again is the loser lawyer Muwema.

The only story running global is Zuckerberg going to Africa and not to Ireland to petition the court to not be forced to disclose TVOs identity.

We can understand false information but to publish articles 2 days in succession insisting that you are telling the truth when BBC, CNN or Al Jazeera are not running the story. Sacre diable.  Does Monitor get special privileges to be in court in Dublin and BBC does not?

How many times has Facebook, Google and Apple refused to disclose information to FBI? So Uganda is above them?

Kumanina!  Earn your money and stop making up shit!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
I have a degree in Information Science.
PS:  The Uganda media I am affiliated with also picked up the story from Monitor.  Only difference is they rectified it a day after.

We dare you all to show us copies of that court order instructing Facebook to reveal the identity of TVO.  Nasser Rd printed order and photoshoppped shall be verified by our friends in Dublin.  Nyoko

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