Friday, July 29, 2016

#UGANDA NEWS BRIEFINGz via Justus in London UK


I would rather die for what I believe in (equity) than live for what I don't (Impunity)! I know many people knew this even before me but  feared the mafias could bump them off, but Uganda is suffering not because of the evil people, but because of the silence of good people. I will speak.

Godfrey Kato Kajubi in 2007 sold his plots of land located in Kisugu at US$ 1million to the then DPP Richard Buteera. He agreed to pay in two instalments, he paid US$ 500,000 (Bank Docs attached here), he then convinced Kajubi that he needed to get a loan from the bank to pay the balance and that the same land tittles would be the very ones to put in the bank as collateral/sureties.
He went ahead and told him that the land tittles had to be changed into his (Buteera) names for the bank to accept to borrow him money!! Kato Kajubi accepted and tittles were changed, few days after, Kajubi went to Buteera's office to pick his balance but the receptionist, very unusual of her, barred him from meeting her boss claiming  he was too busy to meet him! When Kajubi called Buteera he declined to pick him up. 

This went on for a very long period Kajubi trying to access Buteera in vain. Even at Muyenga club where they used to meet in gym and sauna, together with the IGP Kale Kayihura, Buteera became the most hardest specie to now find there, infact, one would rather be tasked to find a dog's horn then than to look for former DPP Richard Buteera who is now a justice!

As time went on Kato became soo suspicious and started planting his Blue eyed boys to sight him so they could alert him.

Little did Kajubi know that Buteera was also plotting against him. Kato says one day from the blue he woke up to the shock of his life when his friends called him telling him that he is all over in the media for killing a one Joseph kasirye, and that police was looking for him! Kajubi was first scared but finally collected himself and handed over himself to police, and who was the DPP?the man he had been looking for to pay him his balance of US$ 500000!.

All the evidence I have shows that this was simply a game to defraud him of his houses.
Kato sold his land in 2007 and early 2008 all of a sudden he 'kills' a boy! the family that killed him testifies having killed him but they were exonerated and turned into state witnesses to pin Kajubi who was the target. It's very unusual that the one who 'ordered' to kill is more responsible than the ones who actually killed!!
To be continued tomorrow......

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  1. nonsense,if kajjubi thinks he will get off by using the likes of you to post such scandalous rumors,then he is truly desperate.