Sunday, July 31, 2016


Juba is calm but the tide in fighting in Lainya county has turned against government forces. Elite brigades dispatched to track Dr Riek forces have been wiped on several attempts. 

This has caused disarray in government forces and those based outside the capital are deserting their positions.

The SPLA-IO  is fighting with external coordination support mapping the positions of    government forces.Precison guided missile have been decimated government mechanised columns.Juba Army hospital of Giada is flooded with overwhelming casualties from the frontline.
SPLA-IO is now determined to overrun the capital with fighting in few days from all fronts. Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak,the Mad dog is over seeing the Northern front with 30,000 troops including the white Army of Nuer Jikany and Lou Nuer. The northern forces is to advance on to Bor.

The three Greater Equatoria divisions have over 60,000 troops.  West with Mountain Hawk Brigadier General Wisely Welebe in change.
Brigadier Gen. Lasuba in charge of Central and  Equatoria with one nicknamed Imatong Mountain ape in charge of Easter Equatoria front.
As the onslaught onto Juba commences,all other fronts will also see fire like the Falatta and Ferretit in Western Bahr el Ghazal have received military support from the Ambororo.

The international community will take the blame as South Sudan is heading to genocide. Fresh distribution of guns and uniforms is on going to all able bodied Dinkas in Juba.
Equatorians are likely to be targets in the invent the Dinka sees the capital will fall.
American contingency in Gjibout are likely to take swift action as regional force taking too long to intervene.

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