Saturday, July 30, 2016

#Uganda army should never have gone to #SouthSudan

Under the guise of evacuating Ugandans from South Sudan, dictator #Museveni sent our brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and our children into harm's way.

Some of you will remember that as soon as the Sudanese started killing each other on July 8, 2016, I wrote an article about how Uganda was complicit in those killings.

Some of you might also remember that Uganda invaded South Sudan in December 2013 with no authority from Ugandans or parliament.  In January 2014 when it became public knowledge that the thug had sent Ugandans into South Sudan (we kept publicizing it) and bodies of Ugandans lay on roads being eaten by crows, the hooligan went to parliament and asked for permission to deploy the army. So the idiots in parliament gave him the okay.

Museveni had told the money changers that he was in South Sudan to stop a genocide and restore peace.

HOW STUPID CAN WE BE?  Show one country where Museveni has gone which has peace?  The man is a war monger.  AND you funders will go down in history for sponsoring the killings of millions of people in Africa.  If you do not believe me, then ask him why 300+ young men were put in train wagons dowsed with petrol (gas) and set on fire?  MUKURA massacre.

Ask Museveni why Uganda owes DRC $10 billion.  Ask the non Kiir leaning people in South Sudan why Museveni is not a friend?  Ask Kiir why he flew into Kampala recently in total panic mode.  After that, ask that classified IDIOT Machar why he thought that after embarrassing Museveni totally in 2015 he flew to Uganda and met with Museveni sijui to restore peace.  Where is he even anyway? Tagan Deng replaced him overnight.  AND by the way, Museveni never forgives or forgets.

Media in Uganda and South Sudan is under some kind of black out in that they can now only publish  the official word from the powers that be.   So let us play. If you are going to do stupid, you are gonna fix stupid.  Below is a report from a friend in UK.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Passionate about social justice.  The killings must stop.

Reports from reliable sources within the SPLA in Juba say that a convoy of UPDF fell into an ambush yesterday resulting into the death of many members of UPDF’s Special Forces. 

This very unfortunate incident is reported to have happened 300 Kms from Juba, South East of Lanya Town, in Central Equatoria. The UPDF contingent was on a mission to support and reinforce the on going attack by the SPLA on the suspected hideout of the First Vice President Riek Machar. 

The same sources say that most of the bodies of the UPDF forces were quickly airlifted to Uganda on the 29th of July 2016. Some of the bodies are said to have been dropped off by gunship helicopters at Pearl of Africa Primary School in Kabalagala, South of Kampala city and driven off by ambulances to Mulago Referral Hospital - about 6 Kms to the north of Kampala city.

This is happening when the President of Uganda is on record asking for the deployment of regional forces to protect the First Vice President Riek Machar. It is not clear why Uganda will be publicly supporting a regional deployment to protect Machar while, at the same time, reaching a deal with SPLA to hunt and kill  him. Such double-dealing is going to contribute greatly to escalating an already extremely volatile situation

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