Saturday, July 30, 2016




A land that's bountiful as it is beautiful, the Pearl of Africa
Whose rulers have set on making of it rather the opposite
A peril for much the time since the Republic's Independence

Uganda which prior to and shortly after the British had left
Ranked along with Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea
In terms of her economy's status has since been left afar

Corruption, mutinies, civil wars, ethnic biases, nepotism
Having become a sort of indelible and permanent part of it
Greed, sycophancy, impunity as fuelled by dictatorship

The story of the Pearl has since turned perilous, absurdly
The Motto we've since kept as a mockery to the Almighty
"For God And My Country;" we've religiously maintained

The reality yet is now about individuals and their stomachs
Their kinsmen and bootlickers as the other beneficiaries
Of systems such designed to impoverish the common man

Public infrastructure has long been neglected, run down
The private sector is run by proxies of the regimes that be
The general public are no longer stakeholders in Uganda

It is a government of given families, relatives and friends
The crumbs that fall of their tables is what's left for others
Wickedly the ruling clique make mention of their agendas

When their minds mistakenly betray them and words utter
How these and the other resources are theirs and so forth
They can't believe their luck though all for to a people tired

Yet can't muster the courage to take on the powers that be
And thus prisoners in our land our motherland have become

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