Sunday, July 31, 2016

#SouthSudan may be being patriotic by allowing #Uganda small traders when their own people cannot

The world must be aware that dictator #Museveni exports war, genocide and corruption to any country which gives him a chance.  South Sudan is just kidding when they think that the hooligan is bringing them peace.  When he is done with killing your people and raping your resources, you will remember my words.  He is not good for you and the world now knows.  #MuseveniMustGo!...Martha Leah Nangalama

"............its not good for the regulations not to take action against Chinese and Indian retailers who unfairly compete against our retailers.  Retailing should be preserved for the Ugandans or possibly, the other African immigrants as well."  

                           Museveni addressing a cabinet retreat at the Institute of Indoctrination -  July, 26/2016.

Gullible Ugandan traders are jubilating over the above proclamation.  This is the same Museveni who has always been threatening his officials against bothering "investors" by calling them economic saboteurs. For decades, Ugandan traders have been complaining against Asian traders to have been engaging in retail business but no one could listen to their cries.  Last year the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) awarded the Indian High Commissioner to Uganda with a certificate of recognition for being the overall best foreign mission for promoting trade and investment in Uganda between 1995 - 2015 and China was the first runners up.  In October 2015, at the India Africa Summit in New Delhi, Museveni praised the Indian community to Uganda's social economic development. 

These so called foreign investors have been enjoying tax holidays, free land and now they are poised to be given financial bailouts in trillions of tax payers money.  What about the indigenous company, Sembule Steel Mills of Christoper Colombus Ssembuya that collapsed because he wrote a book titled "The Other side of Iddi Amin."  Museveni,s sudden change of heart is driven by the need to win over the gullible Ugandan traders at a time when he is sleeplessly anticipating massive protests under the opposition's defiance campaign.  Moreover, the decades old Investment Code only requires such foreign investors to have US$100,000 deposited at Bank of Uganda to be specifically used for importation of direct purchase of goods for business and to incorporate his trading enterprise before he is allowed to engage in any business enterprise.

Should the government of South Sudan also impose restrictions on Ugandans who are involved in all sorts of small business ventures in Sudan including motorcycle riding for public transport (Bodaboda)?  Maybe the leaders of South Sudan are not as patriotic as their Ugandan counterparts.  However, what Ugandans ought to seriously interrogate is Musevenis assertion of  "the other African immigrants" to whom he extends preferential treatment.  Is he being racist by targeting Asians while protecting "the other African immigrants" yet the law talks about non Ugandans/foreigners and non nationals as opposed to Chinese, Indians and  "the other African immigrants".  Otherwise, it wont be long before you rise up again against these so called "the other African Immigrants."   Museveni is at it again with his usual gambling and manipulation.


Source: Change of Guards blog - linked on this blog under News Sites

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