Sunday, July 31, 2016

#Somalia's Long-Term Peace At Risk Over Amisom Funding Cut

Well the dictators, thugs, hooligans, thieves and killers in Africa thought that AMISOM had an endless flow of cash coming in.  Well, you are all now busted.  You could not continue to milk Europe and North America for the wars that you stage yourselves and ensure they continue because WAR is lucrative and Terrorism pays big.

If you were serious about ending the wars which rage on that dark continent, you would use more money for food and education instead of accumulating guns like the masses can eat bullets for supper or tear gas for breakfast.  WAIT WAIT, actually in #Uganda they do eat those things daily?

Shaaaaa!  Fund your own wars. ......  Martha Leah Nangalama

Foreign Affairs CS Amina Mohamed says the international community should continue funding African Union forces in Somalia if it wants lasting peace in the region.
In a speech delivered at the UN Headquarters in New York on Thursday, Ms Mohamed argued funding cuts announced by the European Union to the Somali mission go against efforts of stabilising the continent.
"It is important that we continue funding Amisom and other peace initiatives in Africa because any financial cuts are inconsistent with the objective of achieving peace in the continent," she said.
She spoke during the open debate on peace building in Africa, a session by the UN Security Council.
"I hope this matter will continue to receive the attention of the UN Security Council," she added.
Ms Mohamed was referring to the recent financial cuts announced by the European Union earlier in the year.
The EU, through the African Peace Facility, has been paying Amisom troops in Somalia a monthly stipend as well as sustaining other non-military staff.

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