Thursday, July 28, 2016


There is no rule that says that one has must read everything on social media.
Some of us make our posts public for reasons.
I watch some people crash onto a post which was never even meant for their country and they come out like tigers.
On social media, people share things.  Most people who are active on social media have their own audience and instead of them making each post specific, they choose to make it public.  It takes a bit of work to customize posts so in the end the people who have limited time just make everything public.
Pray tell me.  You are a professor in Yugoslavia and you comment on my post as if I even know where Yugoslavia is?
I used to think that it was only Ugandans who read the title of a post and then come out attacking until this recently when I shared articles for US, Russia and Brexit and then some people came out hitting at me without even opening the links.
We have full PhD (permanent head damage) people reacting to a post they even do not know the background of it.
To make it even sadder, some have the audacity to tell me that dictator Museveni is the best thing that ever happened to the continent of Africa.  This is where I tell them to go eat a monkey or even worse, I tell them to go eat something something so that they know that I am annoyed.
Use your brain people.  You do not have to read everything.  AND neither do you have to follow everyone simply because you had a great trip in Mombasa and the post is tagged with Kenya.  Kumanyabo.
I am personally not interested in talking to a PhD holder at in Yugoslavia about the article I shared off Sputik about Turkey.  Neither am I interested in an American pastor who praises dictator Museveni for his 3 week trip in Uganda did not give him enough time to eat tear gas for breakfast, bullets for lunch and dead for dinner.
Get a life and stop reading things which are not even meant for you.  Take what might be relevant but not everything.  In any case, if you find something you are opposed to, the best reaction is to post a rebuttle instead of saying “you are a fake academician”.  Exactly where did you read on the Internet that I am an academician?  Do you hate African academicians that much that you lable me as one?  I am a social justice advocate.  Do not lose sight of that.  Kubanga mumalira budde buli bemugamba nti Jarukanga musajja mulungi oba nti simanyi byenjogeera.   Damn!  My Luganda is finally coming out.  Hallelujah!
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Uganda
I write for Uganda and those who believe that Ugandans also deserve freedom!

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