Saturday, July 30, 2016

#SOCCER CHAT 256 - Boss Mourinho talks


Jose Mourinho assessed Manchester United's 5-2 victory over Galatasaray more in the context of a workout than a win - but admitted he was "very happy" with the evening's events.

Here's what the manager had to say in his post-match interview with MUTV, the official channel which showed the match live direct from Gothenburg...

Preparing for the season is still the priority

"The most important thing was to play, to give minutes to the players. To the ones that played less, they played 30 minutes. To the ones that played the most, they had 60, 65 minutes.

They need to play. We lost a week in China and some of the boys who played today, they trained for two days. We made that decision to give them 30 or 45 minutes of the game, feeling that it would be better for them than even a double training session. So that's the most important thing.

"There is not a long time to work, not a long time to change, to implement a couple of new ideas, of new principles of play. Everything at this time is step by step and the reality is that you don't have this time. We have a game against Leicester next weekend and we have the Premier League in a couple of weeks. We need time, we don't have time. The only solution is to train hard and to train against opposition like today is the most important thing we can do.

"So I am happy with the intensity of the game, I am happy with the mistakes we made and I am really happy with the mistakes we made because we work on the mistakes. I am really happy with the good things we did too. I am happy with the spirit, I am happy with the atmosphere but we have to work.

So tomorrow is one day off but on Monday we will have a double training session and Wednesday, we are at Old Trafford for Rooney and for our fans. I will do the same as today, I will train 22 players. I don't care for the result too much, I want to give minutes to everyone and that's good, step by step."

Did Ibrahimovic and Rashford show what they can do?

"Of course. I think everyone gave everything to improve. And even with the guys who came on at 4-2, I told them to forget the result, don't play like we are winning 4-2. 'You need this 30 minutes to play high tempo, high intensity, forget the 4-2.'

That's what they all tried to do. Of course Marcus did well. Of course Ibra did show glimpses of the things he can bring us. But when I see guys like Fellaini, Martial, Schneiderlin, they trained two days and they can be here. I told them, 'Don't try to go with the intensity of the game, go with an intensity that makes you comfortable.'

"I prefer this way, I prefer that they are on the pitch so I am happy. I am happy with the opposition, they played already six or seven matches so they were in a higher tempo than us.

I am happy with it all. And I am happy that out of such a big group we have just Timothy [Fosu-Mensah] and Chris Smalling with little injuries and apart from them, no injuries and everything looks like it's going well."

Did the players who came on demonstrate they want to be in your plans?

"Well if they were not in my plans I would not give them one single minute. I wouldn't keep them in my squad. The squad is very competitive, the squad is very important for the season.

The other day I was telling them we have 38 matches in the Premier League, we have the possibility of 15 matches in the Europa League plus the domestic cups. We are going to play 60 matches and you cannot do that with 11 players.

"To be in the squad you have to understand that the squad is more important than the individual, the club is more important than all of us and to be in the squad you have to be ready for this: to play, not to play, play a lot, play less, play 90 minutes, play one minute, not be selected. Everything is part of squad life.

And when you want to be in a big club like we are, the club is much more important than us."


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