Saturday, July 30, 2016


I write about Canada a lot because I was incubated here and some haters in Uganda say that I am trying to turn Uganda into Canada.  Nonsense.  You people cannot survive in negative 50 degrees so stick on your equator!

In grade 3 (P3) at Shediac Cape School in Canada, our little one had to do a public speaking thing. That week had this teacher tell the kids to be prepared to talk about their parents (big mistake).

By the time I finished talking to the teacher when I had to go pick up the kid, below is what our kid had said.

My dad is a French trained chef and works in places he says calls Chateaux but he is now only cooking for BeckyBoo and I.  Thierry used to work at The Royal York hotel (Canada's best) and had also worked at Chateau Champlain.  He had been hired fresh out of school from CAEN France and CP Hotels brought him to Canada. 

The kid went on bragging about ketchup from scratch, mayonnaise from scratch and les crepes.

Then the teacher told her to get to her mother.  

My mom works for an oil company which pollutes and she is a very bad entrepreneur (the kid was fully literate as soon as she could form words).

You can imagine why  the teacher talked to me.

As much as we hate oil, we must be realistic.  Oil companies are among the best paying companies and they are not as bad as we think.  In fact oil companies drive the economy and that is why you see the world in a total mess when oil goes down.  Governments are broke because oil has tanked.  So if you do not like oil, just walk to work.  Stop driving that Toyota Land Cruiser or the Hammer.  Just buy a fuel efficient car like a mercedes.

If you hate oil, then just go cut wood to heat up your home in the winter.  AND do not return here saying mbu deforestation.

If you do not like oil, then stop using petroleum baby fresh oil for your face.  Actually, do better, stop buying anything plastic.

You could even do better.  Stop driving on roads and highways.

Take it up a notch, stop using technology because they also involve a bit of oil drilling.

you are sitting in #Uganda which has 83% unemployed graduates and you tell me that Exxonmobil earnings fell by 59%.  Okay, let Uganda supply the world oil and then you can call me back and tell me that #Africa fixed the oil problem.

You might also want to know that Oil companies pay for University and College for the kids of their employees.  How else did you think that Rebecca can attend Canada's best university?

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton Canada
I am passionate about money ideas too. 
Information you could use.  You do not have to like it.

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