Saturday, July 30, 2016

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When my news editor first contacted me in 2014, I blocked him.  Because I do not do tabloid work.

Then in 2015 Dr. Vincent Magombe (a brother I value a lot) sent me a message to load a video on Youtube and send the link to the Chief Editor for The Insider.

I told Dr. Magombe that there was no way in hell I was gonna do it as the name Rogers rang a bell. Within 5 minutes, I had the videoe online and sent it to Rogers.

I unblocked Rogers right after.  He then asked me why I had blocked him in the first place and I frankly could not remember.  I told him that his news site was doing tabloids.  He then proceeded to tell me that it was not and maybe I could start publishing that Uganda shilling and market report on it and watch.

It is now one year that I write and edit for

Ours news site is not only for Uganda but it is also for the regional GREAT LAKES and world news.  We also write about business, markets and global things such as education and scholarships or job opportunities.

Before I started volunteering with The Insider, I made a demand.  Take the flash off the site (I get motion sickness easily and also took some courses in Human Computer Interaction, HCI) and then the site could not allow people to copy and share their articles so I always had to go to the source code and it would get painful because in the airport I see a nice article and try to share it and their bloody site could not allow me.

Fast forward (a year later), The Insider's biggest traffic is not even Uganda.  Interesting. Just think about it.  It is not different from my work too. My top 5 readers are USA, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Canada.  I write for Uganda for crying out loud and my people do not read as much as the whites?  But if they can kill their own does not leave them room to read.

One day Rogers called me and said that he was gonna talk for 2hrs and I had to not talk at all.  I liked it.  So I watched him proceed to teach me about journalism.  He told me about the W5 and H.  I was on the phone while taking notes on the laptop (I type 125 words per minute).

All I need to know about being a journalist was taught to me by a young man, an English major, a journalist in Uganda.

I am a very arrogant person by nature but Rogers destroyed every bit of arrogance I ever had.  He taught me to research.  To only write what is proven..  To always give the other side a chance to defend themselves before publishing a story.  He taught me to take myself and my opinion out of all the articles.  He even did worse.  One time when I was stuck in the hospital and was terribly angry at him not seeing why I was not checking and editing the work from the team (but I had only texted him that I was tied up and he had no idea that I was receiving plasma), I told Rogers to go eat a monkey and get ebola.  Reply "Leah, are you on your period?".

I got my laptop and hit the website.  All my doctors know that the laptop is my life so whenever an ambulance rushes me into the hospital, the first question my doctors ask is "Where is her computer bag?".

Writing for Uganda has been the best gift ever.  Writing for the world about none Uganda politics makes me feel blessed.

Writing for The Insider has taught me that I can go beyond writing computer code to writing a story. I think it will be fun.


In the end, I will owe everything to Rogers, Magombe, Span, Allimadi, Atocon and Museveni.  Funny.  But it is because of Museveni that I got into news reporting and writing so sometimes hate can produce beautiful things and Museveni / Kayihura have forced me to write.  Hallelujah!  I would be nothing without the girls and you all see the passion when I write about the girls and of course some amazing friends in Uganda who keep telling me to push on.  I thank you all for you fuel my engine.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Passionate about education like you will never imagine.

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