Friday, July 29, 2016

ON DICTATORS - #Africa #Uganda #Turkey #Russia #USA #Rwanda #SouthSudan

Africans kicked out the imperialist colonizers.  They then proceeded to prove to the world why white people could not be allowed to exploit black people on the African continent.

Africans then proceeded to show the world how they can maim and kill without the world's involvement for Human Rights.

Some guy from Turkey told me yesterday that I was an Academician.  First of all, I hate academics. Next, there is no way in hell I could teach for it pays very poorly.  Ask my graduate research supervisor who earns the same as I do and he has PhDs galore.

The dude from Turkey was a bit funny.  I had shared an article from Sputnik (book mark them for hard information), and he did not even open the link.  I thought only Ugandans do that.  Comment on a shared article without opening the link.  I had shared an article "Democracy for Turkey but for who?".  The gentleman proceeded to trash me on Twitter without realising that I have triggers on all my accounts to syncronize posts, retweets, likes and shares on all my social media accounts.

Erdogan proceeded to command that the EU pays him $3+ billion for him accepting refugees from Syria.  He demands it.  He said something like they are not keeping up their part of the arrangement.  Pray, tell the world if Germany shares a border with Syria.  You do stupid, you pay for stupid.  But the man proceeded to say he was going to re-instate the death penalty because he wants to kill people.  Is he a cannibal or a vampire or both?  Not really.  Dictators like to abuse Europe and USA to distract people from the atrocities they commit on their own people.  Google search "Erdogan, Kurd".

Then my heart throb Putin showed up.  He has not made a statement on why Russia was to be banned from the Rio Olympics.  Every time Putin remains silent, I worry about what is going on in that cute head of his. So this man is implicated in Turkey and the US elections.  He must be a superstar.  He should annex Uganda next because that country could learn Russian.

USA had the audacity to announce to the world that Hillary Clinton was elected by majority to be the next president of USA via the Democratic card?  Who?  The Dems screwed Bernie #Sanders like you have no idea and thank heaven for Assange.

Nothing much happened with Rwanda though because #Kagame is now the blue eyed boy.  Saviour of his people.  The world does not even remember that he used to work in Intel in Uganda and no one asks for his role in the Rwanda Genocide.  Read Gen. Dellaire's "Shake Hand with the devil".

South Sudan fires the opposition leader Machar.  Then Kiir proceeds to tell the UN off via Ban. I was like what the ???  I called my news editor in Uganda and asked him why a broke country was abusing the lenders, donors and funders.  Dude told me to review some of the articles I had previously written.  DAMN!

In February 2016, dictator #Museveni shut off social media for the elections.  He also arrested opposition members.  Some of them are dead anyway but who even counts deaths in Uganda?

In May 2016 for the innauguration to reinstate the military dictator, social media was shut down.  That would have been a good story by the way. We always unblock people but the dinosaurs who run Uganda do not know it.  Send them a memo.

For his innaugration, Museveni ensured that the country's elected president Dr. Kizza #Besigye was locked up in prison. That would have been a good story too.  But Museveni stole the show, as usual.

ICC is useless. I used to think that they were good but they are useless.  Saying this as he shakes hands with the devil (Bashir something).

STUPID let me run my own house.  Wanji, so all of a sudden Uganda is dictator Jarukanga's house?

In attendance in May were representatives from USA, Canada, UK, Germany and other EU partners.  On cue, they walked out.  The next day we saw the underwear thief foam at the mouth like a dog with rabbies trying to apologize for the insulting words that Museveni had used.  You might want to read up on how the supermarket chain Uchumi closed down in Uganda because Ofwono Opondi (O O) stole underwear.  I guess he had never heard of Victoria's Secret?

Watching Museveni self destruct is a lot of fun.  Just watch him speaking in Uganda when Benjamin Netanyahu visited.  This is the reason why Canada teaches kids public speaking from kindergarten.

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I am passionate about education and I have a solid background in Business and IT.
I fight for social justice because one will never be free till everyone is free.

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