Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lewis #Hamilton wins #German #GrandPrix

This German Grand Prix was Lewis Hamilton’s within a couple of seconds and a matter of yards. Perhaps the world championship is now his too.

After a remarkable turnaround in the last races, from 43 points down, Hamilton leads from team-mate Nico Rosberg by 19 points heading into the summer break

The momentum is all with the three-time champion, now the overwhelming favourite to make it four.

Just as he did in Hungary a week ago, Hamilton took the lead at the start and never looked back, easing the gap out to five or six seconds and holding it there. Rosberg, starting from pole, fell to fourth off the line and never recovered, allowing Red Bull to take a deserved double podium with Daniel Ricciardo second and Max Verstappen third.

The problem for Rosberg is that Hamilton seems to win whatever the situation at the moment. Wet, dry, on pole, starting second, the reigning champion is getting the job done.
SOURCE:  The Telegraph Journal

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