Wednesday, July 27, 2016

LETTER TO #MUGABE ROBERT GABRIEL. – You are no longer my president

Dear Bob,
It is with great sadness and anger that I am writing this letter. I was born in Zimbabwe at a time of hope and prosperity. I still remember reading an article in a 90’s European magazine, which had a special section on Zimbabwe and how it was compared to Switzerland. Zimbabwe was referred it to as the “Switzerland of Africa”. No, I don’t want Zimbabwe to be Switzerland but it just shows the potential our country had. Forward that a few years, the country was in tatters and on the brink of collapse.
During the period of the inclusive government, things slowly improved and we were hopeful again. But Bob, you decided that the vast majority of Zimbabweans don’t deserve to be happy and you called for elections when the nation wasn’t ready; fully knowing that it would be the perfect opportunity to steal another election.
What happened next was to no one's surprise. The country was in your full control and the confidence that had slowly been building in the country, during the inclusive government, quickly vanished; so too did the government’s revenue. Yes, $15billion of diamond revenue disappeared without a trace or even an arrest. Yet, we see your finance minister travel abroad to the imperialist land to beg for $10billion when we have $15billion missing in our own backyard.
You and Zanu PF have destroyed Zimbabwe and that’s no secret. You have watched the infrastructure deteriorate, you have watched our money disappear into the hands of your corrupt ministers, you have watched your people die of hunger and easily treatable diseases, you have watched your people risk their lives crossing the border to other countries for a better life and you have done nothing, absolutely nothing.
No, you haven’t done nothing, in fact you have encouraged Zimbabweans to leave as well as rewarded your corrupt and incompetent ministers even more. Why do you and your family, as well as your Zanu PF gang travel overseas for treatment? Why do you send your children abroad to expensive schools for education? Even your daughter flew to Singapore to give birth. If Zimbabwe is that Great, why fly all that way? That’s right, you know that all is not well in Zimbabwe.
I know, you are old enough to be my grandfather and I know our culture teaches us to “obey and respect” our elders but what our culture doesn’t say or teach is that respect is mutual and goes both ways - regardless of age. A part of me is saying that I need to respect you as one of our liberators but a big part of me knows that our liberators have also became our oppressors and have robbed us of our freedom as well as hope.
I ask for a better Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans regardless of colour and tribal background. I ask for a Zimbabwe that gives its people equal opportunity regardless of political affiliation. As leaders and parents, it’s our job to make sure that our kids and the next generation inherit a better tomorrow, a better and greater Zimbabwe.

To conclude this letter, I am tired of all your lies and incompetence. It seems all you’re capable of doing is attacking those who dare to differ with you. When are you going to address the real issues facing the country? Bob, you have failed! It’s time for you to give others a chance - for Zimbabwe’s sake. This is not the “west” talking but it’s me an ordinary Zimbabwean. Give us a chance to truly elect a president, a president who cares for his own
people and a president I can proudly call my president!

Mwana wevhu

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