Thursday, July 28, 2016

Greatful givers are greatful receivers - Pope Francis fell down at mass in Poland

I am a committed Christian.  Most of my global friends know this.  I am not born again because the first birth by Nangalama and Buteme was perfectly fine.

I was christened Anglican and raised in boarding schools run by nuns.  If you scratch my skin of a Roman Catholic, you shall find an Anglican underneath it.

The world spends far too much time fighting about religion and sects.  This has never made any sense to most of us who used to have deep faith.  AND the worst thing is these religions preach murder.  There is not a single religious book that teaches people to murder others.  Religion from every angle is nothing but L. O. V. E.  It is a small word and any one can learn it and replace it whenever one meets H. A. T. E.

As I write this, I know that some people in the world are creating memes about Pope Francis missing a step and falling while he was officiating over mass in Poland.  But do you even care?

Roman Catholicism has been dying off.  They make no sense.  They outlaw their best priests (ex communic something).  They collect far too much money from the poor and build embassies of gold.  Huh I was shocked when my uncle had the driver take us to the Vatican Embassy in Ottawa Canada.  For the life of me, I could not understand the amount of wealth that was on full display?  Then I asked my uncle (Mr. Wilson Wamimbi) "papa, but Ugandans give money to the Vatican when they cannot even afford food and the Vatican builds this?".  My uncle is a super man.   He told me that in time I would learn a lot.  Below is the article CBC is running on Pope Francis.

Pope Francis missed a step and fell to the ground Thursday as he was coming to an open-air altar to celebrate mass at Poland's holiest shrine of Jasna Gora.

In a dramatic moment, the 79-year-old Francis, walking deep in thought in his long robe, did not notice a step down and fell to the ground before the altar. Priests around him rushed to help him up and straightened his robe.

The Mass proceeded as planned and the Pope delivered a long sermon before tens of thousands of faithful gathered at the foot of the Jasna Gora monastery in the southern city of Czestochowa.

Asked if Francis had suffered any ill effects from the fall, Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said "the Pope is fine."

Czestochowa Archbishop Waclaw Depo said Francis fell because he had closed his eyes and appeared to miss a step.

"He is in good condition. He did not even complain at all. He never said a word," Depo said. "Also the homily showed that the Pope has strength and this strength he gets from the people."

Francis enjoys relatively good health, despite putting in long days of ceremonies, audiences and meetings. In his youth, he had a section of one lung removed, and on occasion he has sounded somewhat winded.

On a couple of occasions in the past, Francis, wearing long robes at public ceremonies, has missed a step or even fallen down on stairs. Each time he has gotten up on his own or thanks to an aide lending a hand.

Every time, as he did Thursday, Francis has carried on without missing a beat for the rest of the long ceremonies.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC

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