Wednesday, July 27, 2016


What good is your life if you cannot impact humanity positively?

What good is having a great education if it cannot help humanity?

What good is wealth when so many go hungry?

How can you judge the freedom you enjoy while others have no voices and live under a blanket ban to silence them?

What good is that nice car you have in Uganda when you could end up dead on Massacre Road like many Ugandans weekly and we write about the accidents daily?

The world lives in a box of comfort and turn their faces away from the suffering of our people.

Nathan Span is an American citizen with Ugandan origins.  I am a Canadian with Ugandan roots.  Neither Span and I need help from Uganda.  We, however are fully aware of the suffering in our country of birth.  You make a big mistake to think that Span or Martha do not care.  Distance does not mean that we do not care.

Span has written a lot about Uganda and how we all need to fight for freedom from modern slavery. Unlike me who is always polite, he shoots straight to the point.

The last message I shared from Span was when he was calling all Ugandans and our friends who care to take a day off this Friday and stay home.  DAY OF MOURNING for the many who have needlessly died under dictator #Museveni's regime.

Even if you do not listen to me, I beg you to listen to him.

We had a prominent gentleman die yesterday in a car accident on that same road we keep writing about - Massacre Road.  It is a road from Kampala to Western Uganda and so poorly planned and built people just keep dying on it.  Below is SPAN talking.  R. E. S. P. E. C. T!  He is a forensic schientist and can take all your questions anytime.  Just email all your questions to me and I will forward them all to him.

For how long are we gonna let this incompetent regime get away with murder?
Why are we as a nation letting this man Museveni do as he wishes?
How many of our beloved ones gonna die in road accidents while he keeps on doing business as usual? 
Uganda has the highest rate of accidents in Africa yet we hear all the time how Uganda as a nation will be a middle income status, from 2001 to 2016.
The recent victim is Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi whose body lay motionless on the the ground with no paramedics but only his shirt wide open waiting for nature to perform CPR.
Why? Where were the ambulances that tax payers pay so dearly for?
The dictator as usual took his incompetence to Kyankwanzi all dressed in military outfits where the dictator keeps on telling us that this time he means it that come 2021 Uganda will be a middle income nation.
How many times have we heard that nonsense? And how many more times are you willing to listen to it without questioning it?
Our people are dying but the fools are in Kyankwanzi being fed on a buffet of constant lies of a middle income status.
The dictator is quick to send UPDF in harm’s way in South Sudan to save Ugandans who freely went there but cannot send a helicopter to save a life on Masaka road.
Are the lives of Ugandans in South Sudan any better than the life of Prof. Mukiibi whose body lay motionless on the ground?
We are tired of the lies this illegitimate government throws in our faces to save lives in South Sudan but cares less about the thousands of Ugandans who die in car accidents inside Uganda on roads built by Obote and Amin and our former colonizer Britain.
We are the owners of our dead and not dictator M7 or his cohorts in crime.  Some of you will remember him going on media in Uganda and telling people that we waste too much time burying our dead.
Do you remember that he flies his family abroad to have a baby and even flies out his surcophants for basic things like a stomach ache?
On July 29th, 2016,  it is a voluntary action to stay home in remembrance of those that have lost their lives due to accidents on the roads whichare poorly maintained or built (if at all) or full of potholes.
Stop The Madness.
#MuseveniMustGo!  One people.  One country.  Wake up Uganda.

Nathan Span

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