Thursday, July 28, 2016


Daily, media in Uganda report on car accidents and so does social media.
The most prominent accidents are happening on Kampala / Masaka road which some people now call Massacre Road.
It is a road to hell.  The highway has only 2 lanes for both sides and has little room on the side to pull over.  That same road has many hills and hidden points with  hardly any signage.
Most people who drive expect signage about a hill or blind spots.  Not in Uganda though.  People drive blindly.
Friends and I have written a lot about driving safe in Uganda.  SPAN is Museveni's best friend.  Look below for one of his write ups on Museveni.  Shaaaaa
[Span is one of the most sarcastic people I know.  He manages to enrage people and yet speaks the truth. No time for niceties and he cuts right to the chase.]
Museveni is now feeling the heat he applied to Obote in 1980. Uganda is under a threat of war and only those that are on the regime's periphery dont know what is gong on. To make matters worse, JPAM has put more pressure on Museveni and the regime had started acting silly and very scared. Things that make me go huuuuuu.
Numerous groups have formed to take on Museveni by force since he rigged the elections and Museveni cannot take these RATS lightly. The government broke into JPAM's lawyers offices vandalizing the offices hopping to get hold on the evidences.
The plan was to make it impossible for JPAM to bring forward the incriminating evidences but the tired and old dictator forgot one thing that is very vital to this law suite. EC has a wealth of evidences and it will be laughable if the government broke into EC's offices and walked away with the electronic gadgets or biometric machines used in elections.
These gadgets have all citizens that voted and if forensic investigation is done right, it should reveal how many people voted at a particular polling station and for how long each voter took to cast his or her vote. There is no judge in his/her rightful mind could come to a conclusion that Museveni did not rig unless the police kidnaps Kigunndu.
Can someone tell Ali Baba the thief that he is done?. The fat lady Kasule Lumumba is walking towards the microphone to sing. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, its over.   Next you will hear that Kigunddu was kidnapped by FDC. JPAM'S witnesses end up in police custody, FDC officials are arrested allover the country, Museveni is now in a bubble traveling in Bullet proof vehicles more than ever, but sadly the over sized hat is not bullet proof.
The world has just refused to acknowledge his victory even Zimbabwe has nothing to do with stupid people rigging elections in such away.
Since Feb 14th, the military has turned Kampala city into a barracks and in Kyankwanzi people are wailing maama tufudde. Only those that are kissing, Museveni's ..... yah i mean where the sun does not shine are the only one believing that Uganda is at peace.
I strongly caution those groups that have decided to use constitutional means to remove Ali Baba that i wish you lots of success and many Ugandans do but and only but, do not kill civilians. The people of Uganda have been killed by each government since 1962.
Nathan Span

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