Thursday, July 28, 2016


One time when I was helping one little punk compile his program for his assignment, the kid asked me why everything was running off the main frame and why we did not have it running on his PC. Technology was a bit archaic when I was in school and I was working as a computer lab advisor which involved helping kids to code (I was also a kid though, I just was a bit ahead).
The university soon set up a client server lab and I was working in that one too.  A computer advisor or computer lab analyst is a great paying job while in school and in any case, most of the time you are also in that lab doing your own work and you get paid well for it.
We used to have something called TALK.  You would input the email of the other person and the computer would have a screen with two panels.  You would type in and the other person would type in and the messages were instant.  
Fast forward and we now cloud computing and cloud data storage. How is that different from the mainframe days?  Sure, we did not compute for mobile phones but the whole idea is the same as the mainframe days.
Technology has changed a lot.  Any of us can work from wherever we are and do it globally (talking about global jobs and teams) and it is amazing that we have returned to the olden days without even thanking the pioneers.  Respect nerds.  Because of their reclusive boring lives with glasses on their faces with little sleep, you now have everything on your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or but or MY, Android.  What a great time to be alive?  So jokers in Uganda and Africa who think they can block communication need to return to school.  We will always unblock ourselves.  Mukule mubone.

If you review murders of prominent people in Kenya, Uganda and the other God forsaken surrounding countries, prosecutors, investigators and their ilk get killed. 
Their computers and mobile phones vanish with no trace. 
Just think about that handsome man Kimani (lawyer, International Justice), he was killed and Uhuru should provide to Kenyans copies of the files from his laptop and from his mobile phone.
Uganda. Kagezi who was the government prosecutor for the 2010 bombings was murdered in cold blood and to this day, no one has provided a copy of what she had on her laptop or phone.  In fact, this one was a shock for even the FBI which had sent in a team to investigate.
Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi was charged for murdering his wife and some other silly things.  The government took away all the computers and her phone. Kiyingi asked to see the data on his wife's laptop and the phone records. Nothing to this day.
Cloud computing and data storage should be made mandatory by every company which cares about their work, image and employees.
Just even think about it.  In the province of New Brunswick Canada, kids submit all their work via a cloud service for the school so one can no longer say the dog ate the homework.
Hallelujah.  Now for us to preach this simple efficient way of working in Africa is a project for the future.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

I live and breath technology.  I have an IT and Busines background

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