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Videos: Col. Dan Opito dead. Wake up #Uganda

The name of the person who sent this news is with held for security reasons.
We have the videos and all the information documented and global. 
Killing Ugandans must stop.  In any case, the army and police officers being arrested and killed are not even the ones involved in a rebellion.  According to your cheap mouth pieces, there is nothing like a rebellion in Uganda. Even a P3 kid can read how much you are tripping.
Uganda Media is barred from talking about such things but hey, since you are putting Uganda Airlines in the air, you know where to find me.
Fellow Ugandans and members of the International Community:
This is to announce with great sorrow the murder of Colonel Dan Opito-Odwee, the Air force Garrison Commander who was arrested two weeks ago from his office in Entebbe by the Special Forces Command (SFC) under the order of Maj Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the Son of President Museveni.
According to reliable sources leaked from within the UPDF, Col Opito-Odwee died of severe tortures (including being tied Kadonya Style, exposure to deadly snakes, crocodile, eating food laced with ground glasses and poison imported from a foreign country), used to force tramped up charges and confession out of his mouth and from the mouths of other UPDF and Police Officers who died along with him.
The same sources reported that for several months a rift had developed between the Garrison Commander Col Opito and the then Brig Kainerugaba, Commander of the Special Forces Command (SFC), concerning the occupation of new houses built for UPDF officers including 8 Combat Pilots under Col Opito’s care and command at Entebbe Airforce Base.
The said 8 pilots have also gone missing from their houses and offices since the arrest of their boss Col Opito.  Maj Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba instead wanted the houses given to members of the Special Forces Command (SFC), a project which he has now achieved shortly after the arrest and the death of Col Opito.  
Commander Col Dan Opito was a courageous officer and a respected Lawyer in Uniform:
Due to his open mindedness, courageous nature and being a Makerere University trained lawyer in uniform and a strong advocate for the well being of soldiers who spoke openly against corruption in the Army, Commander Col Opito was highly respected by many UPDF officers and soldiers across racial boundaries.
According to the same source, EU released a mission allowance of  $1,028 (about Shs3.7m) to Amisom to pay each soldier serving in Somalia. But Uganda government deducts $200 ( calling this “administration cost”). That means each soldier is supposed to take home a net of $828 (about Shs3m).
Since he trained these soldiers before they are taken to Somalia and was aware of the harsh conditions they were faced with in Somalia, Col Opito expected them to be paid their full allowance.  
Col Opito vehemently opposed the cutting of $200 from the soldiers.
According to the same source, even this $828 allowance was not paid to the soldiers for 9 months. Who was keeping this money?
However, Col Opito’s concern for the soldiers lack of payment did not auger well with his corrupt superiors and therefore plans have long been in progress to tramp up a treason case against him to “neutralize” him.
The then Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the Son of President Museveni, saw this magnitude of respect as a threat to his advancement to the position of a presidency of Uganda.
Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba then started plotting for Col Opito’s downfall two years ago, often threatening him with arrest and talking of “neutralizing him” as soon as he became a Maj General and ultimately a successor of his father’s presidency. 
Maj Gen Kainerugaba, Commander of the SFC and  the Son of President Museveni is in total violation of the UN Convention, the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights and Uganda Constitution:
In addition to Col Dan Opito-Odwee, The Rights of other UPDF and Police Officers arrested since almost a month ago, are being Violated in broad daylight by the Special Forces Commander Maj Gen Kainerugaba.
Below are key areas where the Gen is in violations with impunity:
1. Forty-Eight Hour Law for Charging Detainees
Under Article 23 of the Ugandan constitution, a suspect may be detained for only forty-eight hours without charges, that is, without presentation of the accused to a judicial authority with charges that he violated the law. Col Dan Opito-Odwee plus all other over 400 UPDF and police officers arrested have been in detention for over 14 days (that is over 336 hrs without trial). This is more that the 48 hours stipulated in the Ugandan constitution. 
2. Unacknowledged And Unauthorized Places Of Detention: Safe Houses
Col Opito's death according to the same source was a result of torture carried out by Lt. Drani of the Chieftaincy Millitary intelligence(CMI). Lt Drani and Lt.Mugisha head the torture unit located at the Safe House headquarters on Kitante Road in Kampala.
They use snakes, crocodiles, poison (which comes in two forms: short-term (2-5 days) poisoning is used for quick killings and long-term which lasts at least 6 months before it kills a person), Kadonya style of tying people, etc for extracting information or for forcing confession. The torture is ordered by Maj Gen Kainerugaba, Commander of the SFC, who is currently overseeing the interrogation of the arrested officers.
These officers and many other civilians are being detained in many Unacknowledged And Unauthorized Places Of Detention called “safe Houses” not visited by outsiders nor by government officials charged with inspecting conditions inside detention cells.
The 1995 Ugandan constitution explicitly outlaws the holding of detainees in unacknowledged or “ungazetted” places of detention, that is, those not published in the official gazette.
Police stations are gazetted facilities. However, UPDF barracks and the headquarters of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) on Kitante Road in Kampala, and a house on Clement Hill Road in Kampala, formerly used as the headquarters for Operation Wembley are not gazetted facilities and are illegal. 
The arrested officers according to another leak, few are from northern Uganda but Col Opito is the highest rank from the region, hence the spotlight. The rest from the west, supposedly allied to Gen. Sejusa, some to Besigye and Amama Babazi, the rest are mainly Baganda officers supposedly with links to the Kabaka (king of Buganda).
3. Freedom from torture and ill-treatment
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says: "No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment". "Human beings are inviolable. Every human being, including Col Dan Opito-Odwee, other UPDF and Police Officers and civilians detained in “Safe Houses” and tortured by Lt Drani and Lt.Mugisha under the orders of Maj Gen Kainerugaba are entitled to respect for the integrity of their persons.
According to the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights, torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment and treatment are prohibited". Torture is illegal under Uganda's Constitution and the country is a party to the UN Convention against Torture.
4. Lack of Access to Medical Treatment
Col Dan Opito-Odwee, like all other dead officers would be alive today if they were allowed access to medical treatment by their captors and tormentors. The Uganda Constitution requires that a detainee shall be allowed reasonable access to his personal doctor and to medical treatment, including private medical treatment.
5. Right of Access to Family Members Denied
According to Article 47 (b), the Ugandan constitution provides the detainee the right to have his spouse, family members advised of the detention “as soon as practicable” and the spouse or family member has a right to “reasonable access” to the detainee. For two times Col. Dan Optio-Odwee’s wife, Kate Opito,  has been denied access to visit her husband.
The same rights have been violated by the Special Forces Commander Maj Gen Kainerugaba because of the strong hatred he has towards Col Dan Opito-Odwee and other members of the UPDF and Police Officers from Northern Uganda.
6. The shooting of Private Issac Obua in Makyinde barracks:
This incidence is directly linked to the Opito’s case, according to a source from internal secruity organization(ISO) mutundwe listening centers-that monitors and listen to mobile phones calls.  Private Obua had been a posted as a guard at the Makyinde cells and had been contacted by some persons regarding the arrested officers and their 
Obua had inferred that Col Opito was tortured and barely alive when he was brought in, and was transferred to an up country cell (supposedly Gulu).  Obua had taken photos with his phone and had a note from the detainees that he was to deliver to the media outlets the next day.
But ISO officers intercepted the information and in an attempt to apprehend or stop the sensitive information getting out, they surrounded PTE Obua's uniport and a shootout followed.
But to cover up, the UPDF issued a statement saying that Obua was suffering from POST TRUMATIC STRESS DISORDER!!!!
Dr. Mike Ogwal, USA
1. US Human Rights Network, Washington D.C., USA
2. African Rights Monitor, (Alexandria, VA), USA
3. United States Assistant Secretary for Africa, Lindah Thomas-Greenfield, USA
4. United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, USA
5. U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Samantha Power, USA
6. U.S.  Ambassador to Uganda, Deborah Malac, Kampala, Uganda
7. The United Kingdom High Commissioner to Uganda Alison Blackburne, Kampala,
Above shared by
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
You know all my information. 

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