Thursday, June 30, 2016

#Ugandans resist the #Museveni military regime

Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe
The Ugandan Resistance Landscape is Good. The struggle for freedom is progressing not regressing – RABBA NAGA.
There is good reason for the good people desiring change to lose hope and morale and pull inward or even be tempted to turn to the enemy. Such reaction is absolutely normal. But is it justifiable in the circumstances? The answer is no. 
The struggle for freedom is progressing not regressing. This is clearly manifested in several areas. Firstly, you can see it from the panic of the regime, the arrests of politicians etc., 
Secondly, the disintegration of the Museveni security system as you see the rampant arrests of soldiers and policemen and the purging of the security services as a whole. The confusion in command and control, promotions and deployments in UPDF, UPF and security services. These are causing tensions within the armed forces and can be seen through increased tensions now characterized by the rampant murders in the services etc.
Thirdly, more people are joining the liberation crusade than ever before. There is no longer any doubt now, here or abroad that the NRM and Museveni are a failed project. Even for those who were really supporting the dictatorship, they are becoming alarmed and no longer sure of the sustainability of the corrupt system.  
The dictatorship has no economy to talk about. You can see this through the contraction in growth, production halting to zero, national reserves depleted, public debt soaring to unsustainable levels and the chaos the financial sector leading the defaulting in payments by business people, non-payment of workers including security services and collapse of local businesses and flight of foreign companies and collapse of investor confidence.
Then with more political clamp down, expect more destruction of the economy. Political instability leads to economic collapse. That is the way it works.
Fourthly, the total collapse of the social services sector.
The fifth pointer that the struggle is gaining momentum is in the arrests the government is making of people it alleges are involved in plotting to overthrow it. Never before have we seen rebellions stretching beyond regional bigotry. It has always been north or central or Kasese but never a national resistance situation.
You find Kabazigiruka, forget whether it is true or not, but it is instructive that he is alleged to be working with people from the north. In addition, never before have we seen the struggle emanating from within the armed forces, the main stream itself, not the defeated groups trying a counterattack like was the case with all those northern rebellions. This is vital in understanding the new dynamics.
There is more as i will post in my subsequent postings, but for now leaders of all shades need to assure the people that the struggle is on course. Explain explain explain.
Secondly, we all need to intensify our efforts no matter how small, one by one makes a bundle.
Lastly, even when mistakes are made by leaders in the parties etc., we should try to minimize the fallouts, you may not agree with the approach by some of these leaders, but open warfare against them does not help the struggle. So we need to engage more not less.
But overall, the resistance landscape is good.

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