Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Stop sending money to #Uganda until you can get accountability

My anger is always justified.
In 2010 when Bududa had landslides and many were buried alive, the Anglican Parish of Shediac (Canada) asked me to talk about Uganda and how the parish could help my people.
Our parish uses all the tithes to help in the community.
I stood up on the podium to talk about Bududa and of course I never have notes for any of my presentations. My Canadian friends know this.
Our parish was going to use all the collections to send to Uganda.
"As much as I love Uganda and cry for my people after this catastrophe, I beg you not to send any money to Uganda for the people will not see it. I ask you to give the money to Moncton Canada and I will work with the local charities to have it spent well with accountability".
The parish budget had been set and no one could change it.
I used to be on Vestry (Board of Directors) but used to skip out of meetings to put the girls to bed.
This wonderful gentleman from England approached the next Vestry meeting and asked all the committees to cut back on their budgets and allocate me $15,000 for the charity or charities I could pick from the Moncton area.
He got the money. Then the hunt was on. Uganda was not even on my mind.
My big sister who was working with the Parish at that time went everywhere I went. Kinda to save me because I was ruthless.
Show me your audited financial reports. If you do not have them, let us prepare them.
Sharon Connors lives just up the street and has actually saved me from committing murder.
Sharon used to work half day at the church then drive to Moncton to this place we both thought deserved help. I used to drive the kids to school, head over and do paper work. But paper work is not meant for everyone. I was only always looking for numbers. Sharon opened mail, read them all and wrote to everyone. I was usually heading to the hospital for plasma treatments.
So when some minister says he cannot account for money sent for landslides in Uganda, in Bududa (my home), does the Ugandan government even know how many people know that country?
I can go to church next week and ask for our Parish to send money to Uganda and they will. They are that good. Problem is you lack accountability. And you called us idiots. If you need help, provide your audited financials.

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