Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My life of doubting, believing, doubting and giving up
I woke up in a room and buzzed the nurse.  "Nurse, please unhook me".
My last memory was of being in Toronto East General and nothing. Blank.
When I returned from the loo, there were medics in uniforms and I felt cheated because I had missed the party.
They asked me the names of all the kids (we had 3 girls then).  I told them the names.  Then one asked me what day it was.  That was a rather stupid question because there was a calendar on the wall. 
I had been in a medically induced coma and faced the possibility of spending my entire life in a wheel chair.  I told the doctors, "I am good with numbers.  If I even have a 5% chance to live, I will beat the odds".
The company air lifted me home.  The father of the girls had flown into Toronto and flown back his kids.  He was funny though.  The doctors had called him to ask if I was allergic to anything.  He had told them I was not.  I went into cardiac arrest.
Fast forward.  The catheter McMaster had put in a main artery for the plasma exchange had gotten infected.
I looked in the mirror and something was not right.  I jumped into the car and drove to the Moncton City Hospital (our family doctor practices there).
At 4am, I am driving.  Moncton is only a good 30 minutes from home.  It was the longest drive ever.  The girls had school the next day so I left silently.  About half way, I said a prayer, please God, not now.  Give me a sign.
Three stars fell out of the sky.  But it was insufficient.  I demanded for another sign.
When I hurriedly packed in the emergency section at the hospital, I flew into the hospital saying I am gonna die.  I swear I am gonna die.  It was a Sunday and I was a greeter at our church.
At 4am, no specialist rushed over.  Eventually I felt like I was really gonna die this time.  I rushed up to the nursing station and told them I was gonna die if no doctor could come and see me.  The woman smiled and sent me back to my room.
At 10:30am, this wonderful amazing doctor walks in. I told him I was discharging myself and I was perfectly okay.
He asked me why I was suddenly well.  I told him that I had sent a message to Sharon that I was in the hospital and I was supposed to be in church and I think they prayed for me and now I am perfectly fine so please let me go home.
Madame Martha, I am a committed Christian and believe that prayers work.  God also uses doctors.  You are not going home till I run some tests.  Doctor then comes in with needles and I am freaking out "I hate needles, why are you doing this?".
He asks me "how are the girls?".  I get animated talking about the girls.  He had all the records from Toronto.  Then doctor says, "see, no catheter and no needles.  I am keeping you over night".  Now totally so full of myself, I call Thierry and tell him to bring the girls and come pick me up.
Damn!  That doctor tells the kids "I am gonna keep your mother overnight".  I am half screaming at him that the girls have school.  Reply "we shall discuss in the morning.".  The hospital had no beds and people were in hall ways.  He found a bed for me.  
That evening my blood pressure dropped very low and I was shaking like a leaf.  The attending nurse called Vicky in Saint John Regional and she advised for me to be wrapped up in hot blankets to up my temperature, find a vein on my foot and infuse me with liquids.
Morning comes and the doctor who has been working for 3 days straight walks in.  Bless you sister.  I promised the girls that you would go home today so I have requested Extra Mural to come daily and give you medication via IV.  Do you still think that praying saved you?  "Doctor, God knew that I needed your help".
That doctor cared for me for 4 months and refused to ship me off to Saint John Regional where my specialist is.  And my specialist in Saint John is also a committed Christian.  But the doctor in Moncton works with other doctors.  My specialists in Moncton all know each other.  
Fast forward. In 2014, Rebecca in her last year of high school was very very sick.  It was a nightmare because she had to apply to universities.
Our Moncton doctor gets called by our family doctor and shows up promptly.
We had been put in isolation (Ebola and Africa).  The doctor tore off the warnings saying, "this kid has not been in Africa for a long time and all this is unnecessary".
He walks into our isolated room.  "Hey Rebecca, how is Natasha?".  Rebecca gets animated about her sister.  While he is talking to the kid and telling her missing school is nothing, he orders an MRI.
An hour later, he finds me in the computer room (I live and breathe computers).  "Martha, I wanna show you something".  He takes me to this machine then shows me the imaging from the MRI.  Points out that Rebecca's allergies had gotten bad and her sinuses were severely infected but "I am gonna send her home and she will see an ENT specialist asap".
When we went back to the room, he asked Rebecca if she remembered him. "You are the doctor who refused to send mom home and saved her life".  The doctor embraces us and sends us home.
Above is what the power of love does.  Also the Christ.  And doctors who care and pay attention.  Uganda is just joking with health care.  It is all free in Canada.  Happy Canada Day.  You will like this country.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton Canada
Proud to be a Canadian Citizen and a Ugandan (if only they could give me back my citizenship).
Jesus is very mighty.  There is a reason why the world remembers.  Christ is the real thing.  The wonder of Jesus Christ is still amazing, 2000+ years later. 

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