Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I was adopted and damn proud of it - #Uganda

When I was very young growing up in Bududa (Bududa landslides, use Google), one mother had the habit of telling me that I fell out of the sky and was adopted.
I went through life looking for my own mother for I could not doubt father.
One time in Jinja, a relative showed up and was crying like you have no idea.  She kept saying "my child, my blood, my child".   Aha, finally my own mother had found me.
James hopped off his bicycle and found me crying.  I told him that my own mother had finally found me.  He laughed his head off.
The sister I was staying with in Jinja came from work and found me mopping like you have no idea.  Sat me down and asked me what all the tears were for.  I told her that my very true mother had found me.  Betty sat me down and asked me what the relative had said.  I told her.  She took me into her arms and told me that I was not adopted but killed a precious moment.  I had been found by my own mother. Turns out the relative meant that I was related to her.
Fast forward.  There is no way in hell I was born in Bududa or Uganda.  I disown both places.
Uganda is fronting a known thief to lead the African Union (AU).
Please sign my petition if you do not want to be adopted.  Because the moment the AU signs Dr. Kazibwe to lead Africa, I will shred all my documents from Uganda.  Every piece of anything which affiliates me to Africa or Uganda.
Surely all Africans cannot be stupid and if they do it, then I was adopted.

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