Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How to reclaim my #Ugandan citizenship
I always knew that Uganda had some idiots.  I had no idea that all the idiots are in parliament.
These idiots passed a law to allow Ugandans to have dual citizenship.  I was delighted.  Until till till hell opened up gates. 
To get that citizenship, the fee is $400 and you must fly into Uganda to get it.
A family of 8 has to foot a bill for air tickets and then each face $400 each to claim the Uganda citizenship.  Work with $2500 per person round trip and then add the $400 each and include lunch for whoever handles our paperwork.
Incroyable.  My father is from Bududa.  My mother is from Bududa.  My kids have my DNA and you want me to pay how much to get Ugandan citizenship?
I can take you to the graves of all my ancestors.  Can you do the same?
How can you give foreigners citizenship and deny me and my family citizenship?
In any case, can a Ugandan citizenship or passport (our passports expired) get you into countries?  Or can a French passport do worse than a Ugandan passport?
You want us to return home, make it easy.  We are willing and ready but we shall not pay to reclaim our Ugandan origins.  You make a very big mistake to think that Rwandese are better than authentic Ugandans.  
Martha Leah Nangalama
Scoudouc, Canada
Born and raised in Uganda (Bududa) but incubated in Canada. 

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