Wednesday, May 25, 2016


About 10yrs ago on Christmas Eve, I drove to the house of an elder I have much respect for.

He saw from my composure that I was angry like heck.

He took me into his office and asked me what distressed me.

In tears, I asked him why one NGO I was volunteering for refused to understand that Employee performances are needed to help the employees get trained and get better at their jobs and why I was being called non Christian for demanding for this.

The elder let me cry my heart out and then said "Martha, your time has not yet come".

I thought that this was obvious to everyone but I love this elder a lot and heeded his advice. My time had not yet come. By the way the NGO is doing well now.

Many people who have been following my work on the Internet know that I am trying for Uganda and my time has not yet come.

Uganda has been the biggest challenge in my life and I was not prepared for it in 2013 when I "returned home".

I had to do a piece on one of the biggest Canadian banks letting go of 1850 employees tonight (think 1850 families with no income).

How this all plays out relates to the fact that any job which is not customer facing can be moved in a low cost area (globally).

Any job which can be automated will be automated.

The future no longer needs loyalty.

When banks consolidate or automate, many people will lose jobs and what is going on in Africa and EAC is not too different from the trend.

When I first wrote about Barclays thinking of getting out of Africa, many laughed that I had no idea. Well, how about the other banks in EAC now?

Who needs a TEA lady or secretary or receptionist? In fact these are the first jobs which vanish.

Who needs an accountant making $5,000 a month when anyone can be a CPA and do the same work for $1,000 a month?

Who needs a self conceited customer rep (CSR) killing their business when that job can be moved to a low cost area?

Uganda is joking with jobs for the masses. Get serious.

Information you might not like. Sure my time is early but one of these days you will find out that many jobs can be automated or moved to really low cost areas.

Martha Leah Nangalama

I have a solid CV in Job Migration and Job Automation. It does not hurt that I have an IT and business background. The best thing about Uganda is none of their opinions has ever paid my bills. Welcome to the future. Heartless! By the way, I do not need a job offer.

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