Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Under his regime, the police force was brutal.  The president used a number of agencies to root out political dissent.
More arrests were made for political crimes than for street crime or corruption crimes.
His government relied on the military police and the army to detect and eliminate political disloyalty.
The police wearing civilian clothes, kidnapped, tortured and murdered suspects in custody.  Many in security forces were non-Ugandans.
His government created special units to arrest and investigate armed robbery and they were equipped with AK-47.  He ordered his police to shoot robbers on sight.  Among the special units created was rapid response unit ( Special Flying Squad). 
Many of his victims, their bodies were found mutilated with noses, lips, genitals and eyes missing ( was Kony the president?).  One of the victims was Geoffrey Kiggala whose body was found without eyes.
Many victims were struck with Iron bars ( Katayimbwa... Is this president dead?).
One thing for sure, Museveni as president, wrote in The Daily Monitor News Paper....,
This president charged his opponents with treason in order to eliminate challenge to his rule.
Under his regime, this president used excessive display of force by his security forces and this was done to intimidate and put fear into the general public so that the public will not dare challenge his power.
#Museveni wrote it. Who was the president depicted in this article?
Nathan Span

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