Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Vilifying #Besigye, #Muntu, #Mbabazi, #Sejusa - Big mistake for #Uganda

Despite all the persecution Besigye has faced, not once has he ever come out and said anything personal about dictator #Museveni.
Besigye knows a lot about the Museveni but watching him take his oath of being a medical doctor seriously was amazing and you have to remember this.  He was the personal doctor for Museveni and hence knows a lot.
Before Museveni dropped Hon. Mbabazi, Mbabazi had been friends with the former for 43 years.  Not once did Mbabazi ever disclose anything about the Museveni family and yet knows plenty.
This is what we call integrity.
I watch unemployed poorly kids attack Besigye and Mbabazi and wonder why a poor youth would attack the best friends to our dictator Jarukanga.
In the elections of 2011 when the world watched Besigye being sprayed with expired tear gas in his face and ended up half blind is when Besigye could have talked about Museveni.  He did not.  He was in media saying he wanted Ugandans to be free.
In 2014 when Museveni ditched his Prime Minister Mbabazi and proceeded to get all his mouth pieces go on all the media in Uganda to say the worst things about Mbabazi ever, Mbabazi retained silence.  I was very angry and wanted Mbabazi to defend himself.  He did not.  I tried. We watched the biggest blunders in history ever.  
AND now we know who are the brains were behind NRM?
Fast forward, during the most recent election campaigns, many Ugandans claimed that Besigye was one and the same as Museveni.  WRONG.  Then many said that Mbabazi was one with Museveni.  WRONG.
The fact is that your best friends know you best and they are the ones who will take you down.
When Gen. Sejusa was being persecuted, it added another element.
Mugisha Muntu has not been thrown into the jammer but it could happen any time.  He was in the bush too. This one has a brain we are yet to understand.
Basiscally when you turn against the people who fought for you and with you and go to extra length to demean them and they say nothing, you need to worry BIG TIME.
The best part I love in the Bible is "This too shall pass".
Museveni has lost his best friends and yet all they asked for was "give the people what we fought for".
In my opinion, they have more credibility now because they have never made personal attacks on Museveni or his family but rather have always attacked the issues which affect all Ugandans, the reason they went to the bush to fight.  
You must remember that these gentlemen had just gotten out of University (MUK) and thought that things in Uganda could be better for the masses.  Things are not good for the masses.
Museveni hijacked the revolution they fought for.
Besigye, Muntu, Mbabazi and Sejusa can be killed anytime but we will always remember the fact that they lost much to give us hope.
The next chapter of this fight will not be easy but it will have to be strategic as far too many of us do not want to take up guns.  The Pen is Mighty.
Thank you Besigye, Sejusa, Muntu and Mbabazi.  You sowed the real mustard seed.  And you did not write a book about because your actions said plenty.
All Ugandans must now stop looking at you all to liberate them.  For you cannot liberate a people who would rather prefer to live in eternal slavery of the mind.  The mind is a very powerful thing.  And a brain is too precious to waste.
The gentlemen you love to attack are loaded.  Oh yes, they have a lot of money so they do not fight for your rights to get fame.  They are already famous enough.  I did not even know them myself but they kept flashing across my computer screens.  They are that well off.  
They fight for you all and it is now that you learn to respect them and then take up the fight to free yourselves from mental slavery and poverty.  I cannot even do it myself because I am not desperate.  NEVER fight friendly forces. 
Martha Leah Nangalama
Born in Bududa and incubated in Canada.

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