Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Video: 'Red-top' threatens state to free Besigye - #Uganda

'Red Top Brigade' opposition youth activists have asked government to release Dr Kizza Besigye from Luzira Prison or face dire consequences.
The youth who were speaking in Kampala on Wednesday, are recorded saying they have tried to “go easy” on government but their calmness has instead been misinterpreted as cowardice.
“Our gentility should not be taken for granted,” the youth told government.
“Release Besigye,” the called on authorities.
The youth say they have never negotiated for the persecution of opposition officials.
“Return him [Besigye] to luzira on June 1 and see,” they threatened.
Besigye is still in Luzira prison on remand after being charged with treason at Nakawa Chief Magistrates Court.
He is accused of swearing himself in as president, declaring himself president and trying to sabotage President Yoweri Museveni’s swearing in ceremony.
The youth maintained that Uganda belongs to everyone and to their grandparents.
FDC party unleashed the group last month to protect its members especially in Kampala after a group of hooded black mask goons beat up Kizza Besigye’s supporters recently only to disappear without a trace.
The group would tail and protect top party leaders and supporters in Kampala against those who would seek to harm them.
On May 5, police arrested eight members “Red Top Brigade” and rushed them to Central Police Station for taking part in the “Free My Vote” protests.

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