Thursday, May 26, 2016


The dictator can be proud of China or Russia all he wants but the bottom line, when  USA talks you must pay attention.
The Obama government has sent a clear message to the dictator to release KB unconditionally as Museveni frantically calls on US ambassador Deborah Malac to disown his hateful speech and invitation of Bashar to his inauguration at Kololo.
This comes at a time where Museveni's regime is facing uncertainty as numerous groups are preparing to attack Uganda. 
Museveni is desperate as his regime has been snubbed by the west and the dictator believes that the USA and some EU countries are behind sponsoring some groups to overthrow his regime.
The recent killings of security forces in Western Uganda and abducting of people plus confiscation of weapons from Uganda security forces  has made the Museveni government rethink its strategies. 
The promotion of his out of shape son Muhoozi and the creation of his special force, was done in order to help his regime fight off rebel groups as he has lost confidence in the regular army.
Remember Saddam also had the elite Republican guard brigade that was headed by once his powerful son. We call on Ugandans to not inform the authorities and cooperate with those trying to liberate our nation and bring true democracy in the country.
Ugandans should understand that the fight to remove dictator Museveni requires their active participation and cooperation. Together we will be free at last.
Nathan Span

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