Saturday, May 28, 2016

#Uganda's General David #Sejusa wins battle against #Museveni's terror outfit.

General Sejusa, the Free Uganda Chairman, and Nation Coordinator of Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU) has won a decisive battle against the Museveni terror outfit. Congratulations General.
Free Uganda Statement on the ruling by the High Court of Uganda confirming General Sejusa’s status as a retired military officer, who can now freely engage in Ugandan politics as he so wishes. Posted by Dr. Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU – 28/05/2016]
In the midst of the haunting darkness and naked evildom reigning high in the Ugandan Motherland, there is some good news.
A courageous and fiercely independent judge of the High Court of Uganda has taken the bold step of confirming the retirement from the military of one of Uganda’s leading freedom struggle leaders, General David Sejusa.
For Mr Yoweri Museveni, who is currently fighting a life and death battle to remain relevant in the politics of Uganda, this decision by Lady Justice Margaret Oumo Oguli is a body blow, which will terminally weaken the already weak and dying Museveni outfit to the point of ushering in the End-time of any Museveni pretences to the presidency of Uganda.
The High Court ruling now formally and legally frees General David Sejusa to participate in Ugandan politics, and in all the struggles to free Uganda from the curse of a repressive and terroristic hegemony.
In her ruling, the High Court Justice confirmed that the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) Commissions Board “…erred when it refused to retire General Sejusa from the army in spite of the legal redress he sought.”
According to the High Court of Uganda, General Sejusa filed his application to the UPDF Commissions Board in time, and the UPDF had a duty to respond to the application in a timely manner.
But instead, the UPDF set out to deny the General any form of justice, and went on to grievously violate General Sejusa’s constitutional rights and freedoms, not only by denying him the justice he was entitled to, but even more disturbingly, they denied him his income, and even imprisoned against all manner of constitutional provisions and all forms of natural justice.
In view of all this injustice, the High Court of Uganda ordered that General Sejusa be paid all his salary arrears and retirement benefits. Crucially, Justice Margaret Oumo Oguli ordered the UPDF, and specifically, General Katumba Wamala, the current Chief of Defense Forces (CDF) not to take any illegal moves, such as attempting to deploy or transfer General David Sejusa, etc.
Free Uganda Tribute to Justice Margaret Oumo Oguli:
Free Uganda, the pro-democracy and freedom seeking campaign group, expresses its heartfelt thanks to the independent-minded High Court judge, Justice Margaret Oumo Oguli for defying the odds and making the right decision in the interest of justice.
Free Uganda calls upon all justices and judiciary officers in the Republic of Uganda to emulate the independent spirit and ethical values espoused by Justice Margaret Oumo Oguli, who has shown that when the constitutional rights and freedoms of Ugandan citizens by lawless, terror-sowing bands who think that thy can terrorise and dehumanise anyone with their guns, there is a place of hope for the citizens to go for redemption.
FU calls upon all those servants of the judiciary who are entrusted with the duty of dispensing justice, to do all they can to make Uganda a haven of justice and freedom.
The Ugandan nation now stands at the cross roads, with the People rising up in various ways to demand for their constitutional and natural rights and freedoms.
It is incumbent upon all the citizens of this long-suffering nation, to make their due contribution to this critical 'life and death' struggle for a better Motherland.
For our brothers and sisters of the Ugandan judiciary, your first and foremost role in this struggle is to dispense true justice to the People of Uganda, and stop the evil practice of serving one man - Museveni, in his publicly declared war against the People and the constitutional order of the land.
May God Guard you and Protect you, Justice Margaret Oumo Oguli.
Free Uganda thanks you sincerely on behalf of General David Sejusa and the People of Uganda.
The Struggle for freedom continues unabated.

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