Friday, May 20, 2016

#Uganda's Dictator #Museveni cop slaps a guard for Katikiro

The Arab Spring was started by Military woman who slapped a young man and tore down his fruit and vegetable stand.
Fast forward, we had a woman slap the body guard of one of the King of Buganda.
As mourners, including President Museveni, gathered at Kibuli mosque to pray for the late Supreme Mufti Zubair Kayongo on Friday, tension was high among security operatives.
This was most evident when Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga’s convoy arrived, with his military aide being slapped, and then disarmed by the Special Forces Command soldiers.
After the Katikkiro was waved through, the SFC soldiers, led by a captain, ordered Mayiga’s aide to hand over his gun. But the sergeant refused, saying his status allowed him to enter with his gun. When persuasion failed, the SFC men drew their guns at the aide.
It was at that point that Brig Nalweyiso intervened. Nalweyiso humbly requested the two parties not to cause any scuffle. She asked the aide to respect the SFC security detail. Unimpressed, the aide asked Nalweyiso what her role was at the checkpoint.
In response, Nalwayiso slapped him, forcing the security personnel to handcuff and disarm him.
“If you are ill-trained, you are in a wrong place. We can detain and recall you from the post of being Katikkiro’s ADC,” an SFC brigadier was heard saying as his subordinates whisked the aide away.
However, Brig Nalweyiso on Saturday denied slapping the aide, telling The Observer: “Because I was overseeing the checkpoint I came in and intervened to resolve the standoff…After my intervention, the aide was released and one minister from Mengo called Mazzi apologized for the incident.”
Next to get into trouble was a driver for the minister of state for Tourism Agnes Akiror who wanted to force his vehicle into the katikkiro’s convoy. He was arrested after failing to produce documents related to the gun he surrendered. The minister was later asked to walk to the mosque.
Drama continued to unfold when former minister Sydah Bbumba arrived and his bodyguard refused to hand over his gun. He was disarmed and briefly arrested.

Earlier, the president had sent Shs 50m to cater for the transportation of Kayongo’s remains from Tanzania where he died on Thursday.
This week, we witnessed another woman throwing tantrums because she was not promoted. The history on Nakalema is long. Just check on her.
State House officials yesterday dismissed reports of the sacking of the President’s personal assistant, Maj Edith Nakalema.
Officials insisted that the influential soldier was still running President Museveni’s errands despite information from sources and word circulating on social media that she had been axed. 
By press time, speculation was rife that President Museveni had in a radio message last week ordered that Maj Nakalema returns to the army barracks in Entebbe for redeployment. 
Reports claimed that she was accused of inappropriate conduct in handling colleagues and guests.
This, sources intimated, follows a systematic overhaul of the presidency handlers and aides that saw long-serving presidential press secretary Tamale Mirundi sacked recently. 
Ms Linda Nabusayi, the presidential press secretary told Daily Monitor in an interview yesterday that, “I am hearing it for the first time. She was with the president in Rwakitura on Sunday and is preparing to go with him to Masindi on operation wealth creation.” 
Daily Monitor could not independently verify whether Maj Nakalema had indeed travelled with the Head of State to Masindi Ddistrict yesterday. 
Ms Lucy Nakyobe, the State House comptroller who takes charge of the human resource and finance docket at State House, could not be reached for a comment by press time. Ms Nakalema too did not respond to our queries. 
Mr Mirundi, in an interview with this newspaper said he would not be surprised if his former colleague was shown the exit. “This is election time and the President wants serious people around him. We have Amama Mbabazi who is a unique candidate. This man has infiltrated every sector of government,” he said.
The news of Maj Nakalema’s sacking or lack of it, takes on a twist of Mr Mirundi’s own dismissal which for weeks was denied till the vocal press secretary himself confirmed it later.
Who is Nakalema?
Appearing on Capital Gang talk show recently, President Museveni hinted at the powers that Maj Nakalema wielded. When callers to the show said the President was inaccessible, he replied that he was not in charge of his itinerary but goes where his aides take him. “There is a lady there called Nakalema, if you want to see me talk to her.” The substantive Principal private secretary to the President is Ms Mary Amajo but seems to be overshadowed by Maj Nakalema.
Museveni keeps scores.  In our culture, a woman cannot slap a man.  AND neither should a man slap a woman.
The above ladies were not promoted.  KARMA is a bitch!  Nakalema went after Sarah Kagingo.
Information you might not remember or like.

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