Saturday, May 21, 2016


[History will judge you.  No one in the non close class gets any of the money you send to Uganda.  Please help us and stop funding a killer regime.  He called ICC and funders STUPID.  What else can we tell you about the man who has destabilized the Great Lakes of Africa?  You do not think that Dr. #Besigye can run the country?  You are wrong.  He can.  He intends to have a transition team.  Did you know that dictator Museveni has gripped onto power since 1986?  Even kids need a diaper change daily.  Imagine.. 30yrs?]
By Dr. Vincent Magombe
Museveni's killer gangs are on the rampage - torturing, poisoning or attempting to poison, shooting and teargassing innocent Ugandans.
See what they have done to this patriotic and highly courageous young lady, whose only crime is identifying with the campaign for democracy in Uganda.
The International Criminal Court (ICC) is best advised to start looking into the Museveni case, as the evidence of grievous violation of human rights of Ugandan citizens and so visible crimes against humanity mounts.
And as for United States and the Western governments, when you hear the story of Kakayi Zeridah, Ugandans now expect you to go beyond merely matching away from Museveni's inauguration to totally distancing and disengaging your governments from this rogue, much despised and hated repressive Museveni outfit that is now masquerading as the government of Uganda.
The time has come for the world to take sides in this national Ugandan crisis - either you are with Museveni, the killer and torturer of innocent Ugandan citizens, or you are with the People of Uganda in their greatest time of need.
Ugandan People are hungry for freedom, democracy and a progressive and nurturing Motherland to call Home. The People are determined to put a stop to nightmare that has become Uganda.
The Struggle for freedom will continue unabated.
This video was made by me using pictures from Uganda when the election campaigning was in full steam.  The singer is actually non affiliated.  For all the #Bamasaba out there.  Let us build Bugisu.

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