Saturday, May 28, 2016

#Uganda Police arrest crime preventer over student murder

Ideally, crime preventers are supposed to supplement police work of keeping law and order.
Ironically, police in the Eastern district of Manafwa has arrested a crime preventer on allegations of killing a 19- year -old student of Manafwa High school in Mbale District.
Rogers Mwalye, a part time bodaboda rider during holidays is said to have been killed by the crime preventer whom police declined to name for fear of sabotaging investigations and another person on the run.
Mwalye's decomposing body was found in Bukiwolo village in Bukusu Sub-County- Manafwa District two days after the two suspects hired him.
His motorcycle had also been taken by the suspects, according to authorities.
Since their passing out last year ahead of the 2016 General elections, several crime preventer have been implicated in serious crimes including murder, attempted murder and robbery, among others.
Prior to their passing out, several activists and members of the opposition  in Uganda had expressed their concerns whether the crime p reventers equipped with police and army skills will not use them to terrorise Ugandans given the fact that they are not paid salary.
Police chief Kale Kayihura had said 30 crime preventers would be deployed in each village across the country to counter crime.
He described their work as community police which entailed providing police with intelligence information about crimes in the respective villages that they are deployed.

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