Thursday, May 26, 2016

#Uganda opposition FDC party self destructed today

Today I had the pleasure of watching the strongest and biggest opposition party self destruct.
Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), while their president (our president) is in the maximum security prison in Uganda, they named a Leader of Opposition in Parliament indirectly accepting that they lost the February 2016 elections.
Where many of us were insisting that FDC and Dr. Kizza #Besigye had won the elections, the leadership of FDC (NEC, National Executive Committee) made a statement that they lost the elections.
According to some geniuses (call them monkeys) in FDC, if they did not name a LoP, DP or UPC would have done it.
Pray tell us all, was it a fight for the freedom of Uganda or for positions and money?
I watched some of my best friends in FDC give up.  And I  too gave up.  Who can blame us?
Then when my die hard FDC friends tried to talk, they were attacked.  I am of course always attacked but I have thick black skin for a reason.
Things got nasty to the point where FDC non intellectuals were telling my two very intelligent friends that they need to get some skills before returning to Uganda (by the way me too).
I had to bite my tongue not to talk about the skills of those two gentlemen who were being attacked as I have known them both for a while and their passion for FDC and their love for our president Dr. Besigye surpasses all the low paid small kids.
There is no law which stipulates when you must name a LoP or when you have to set up a cabinet on the opposition in Uganda.  Take your time.
This whole thing has destroyed the confidence that many people had in FDC and the fact that we are apparently running a Defiance Campaign and then we cow down like little kids who are being bullied?
The great thing is that the youth who have been in FDC and along Besigye now know that they are on their own.  Forget about those leaders who are well paid and cushioned.  This is now a challenge for the youth because Uganda is 75% youth and you make a very big mistake not to listen to them.
The goals should have been:
1) Free Dr. Besigye
2) Defiance campaign from every angle
3) Demand for a meeting with the now scared government and make the demands of the opposition very well known.
But nedda, the first priority was to get cushy jobs in parliament and join the gang of thieves, thugs, liars, etc...
I am well known for being #TeamKiyingi and #TeamOpposition.  Sure I support #TeamJPAM but remember that I am #TeamOpposition which involves the three gentlemen.
So you kick me out of your little whatsapp group because I do not tolerate personal attacks on people?  As if I care.  I have far too many groups I Admin and also have a life outside of those little pathetic groups.  You run groups of maximum 250 people.  We live outside whatsapp where groups can be millions.
Enjoy your excuses for having allowed the FDC leaders to reap off the people who supported the party for decades, got incarcerated, tortured and ran for their lives.
Exactly what makes you think we are in a rush to return to Uganda?  To live among a population that betrays their own brothers and sisters?  Go eat a monkey and get ebola.  The pill box will say "made in Canada". Canada is not in USA.  "Martha voted in one state and thinks she can talk!"  Canada does not have States.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
PS:  Funeral for FDC to be held on June 1, 2016 and then once we bury that party, we can get back to work.  Bite me!

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  1. When Maj Rubaramira Ruranga quit FDC defecting back to NRM, many thought it was only because he had run bankrupt.
    That was not the case because i one time shared a light moment with him on why he defected from FDC(Forum for Democratic Change) and his points were quite understood because he claimed Mugisha Muntu the FDC president was a mole working with NRM(National Resistance Movement) to bury off the FDC party.
    He claimed he would not see the party he joined as a Reform Agenda but now being the strongest opposition party collapse with him still in and he was attacked though he had grown so poor but money was not his core point for the defection.
    He further stressed about the point of electoral reforms before the February polls where the FDC flag bearer Dr. Kiiza Besigye currently detained in Luzira upper prison vowed never to stand before their enaction but later it was decided by Mugisha Muntu the party president that the FDC party also has to engage in the polls like any other party. This created a bigger room for NRM to stael or rig the elections and caused the caesing of FDC party petitioning over the vote rigging.
    So i now come to realize Mugisha Gregory Muntu is a pretending mole in the FDC cave and he has contributed much to the party's collapse.