Sunday, May 29, 2016

#Uganda incoming cabinet

Info reaching my desk indicates that:
*President M7 will release the cabinet list on Tuesday 31st May 2016
* Hon Frank Tumwebaze (Kibaale East MP) is set to be removed from Ministry for Presidency & Kampala & posted to another ministry.
He may be dropped from full cabinet Minister to State Minister.
It has been discovered that its Mbabazi who groomed him to be RDC, MP & later Minister in 2013 & DAT his action plan against Lukwago & the poor in Kampala were indirectly designed to make M7 & NRM lose in Kampala.
* Hon Evelyne Anite is set to retain her docket as state minister for Youth.
Its not a done deal yet as National Youth Council Chairperson Lillian Aber is being weighed if she can fit among the mandatory 10 ex officios.
* Hon Eng John Byabagambi (MP Ibanda South) is the only senior Cabinet Minister set to retain his docket. He is the current Minister for Works & Transport.
* Many Ministers who were Mbabazi's blue eyed boys & thus never came out openly to support M7 are on their way out of cabinet. This group includes the likes of Ronald Kibuule (Water) , Asuman Kiyingi (State, Works), Jessica Alupo (Education).
* Dr. Chrispus Kiyonga,  Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi, Gen Kahinda Otafiire & Fred Ruhindi are on the verge of bouncing back to cabinet as Ex officios. There are only 10 slots for Ex officios (non MPs)
* Mbarara District is set to miss out again on a Ministerial post despite the President pledging so in his campaigns.
Tusiime Michael (MP Mbarara Municipality) whom many expected to be Minister is seriously being fought by serial arch rival Robert Mwesigwa Rukaari, NRM Cec member/CM Entrepreneurs league over historical mistakes where Tusiime's dad Yoram Gucwamaingi a D.C in the 1980's allied with Obote & then powerful security minister Chris Rwakasisi to expel the Banyarwanda community (including the Rukaari family) from Uganda for supporting NRA rebels. Rukaari spent a lot to fail Tusiime in the 2011 elections & Tusiime was lucky to sail through in 2016 coz Rukaari was busy battling fellow tycoon Hassan Basajjabalaba for NRM C/M Entrepreneurs League & could not openly back FDC's Kazoora, after rising to CEC.
* MPs likely to be appointed to Cabinet for the first time include
1. Ibrahim Abiriga (Arua Municipality)
Alongside Anite, He helped Museveni to win in West Nile.
His disdain is Education.
2. Jova Kamateeka (Mitooma Woman)
To balance the catholic - Anglican rivalry in Mitooma
To neutralise the factions of Mitooma LC V C/M Benon Karyeija & long serving Minister Gen Kahinda Otafiire.
Its Karyeija who masterminded the fall of Otafiire.
3. Theodore Ssekikubo (Lwemiyaga)
To fill the gap left by Banyenzaki of acting as a link to the opposition.
Even in the recent Gen Saleh - Lukwago talks, Lukwago anointed Banyenzaki as the mediator.
4. Beatrice Anywar and Betty Kamya are other likely opposition iron ladies likely to appear on this list due to their current cooperation with M7 that has been manifested throughtheir actions and speech
5. Col Fred Mwesigye (Nyabushozi)
Kiruhura district now has 4 MPs ie Fred Mwesigye (Nyabushozi), Genensio Tumuramye (Kashongi), Gordon Bafaki (Kazo) & Sheilla Mwine Kabaije Katsimbura (Woman MP) & its only Mwesigye who is serving his 2nd term.
With the demise of sickly Eng. John Nasasira, Mwesigye is better positioned to land the blessing.
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