Thursday, May 19, 2016

#Uganda cannot feed 10 million people but paid for a porn machine

Sometimes I wonder if God hears our prayers!
This is a country where 10 million people can barely find enough food to eat.
Uganda is a country which cannot create employment for 95% of their University graduates except when they ship them to the Middle East to work as slaves (sex slaves too).  You might want to read the articles I have written about modern slavery sanctioned by the Ugandan government.  Believe me, even the government knows my work as I am followed on the Internet.
You have no medicine in your hospitals.
The hospital is broken down (Xray machines) and heaven forbid that we even talk about CT-Scans or the famous Radio Therapy machine at Mulago.
If you wanna play, I shall also remind you that most of your hospitals have no running water, toilets which flash or paid medics.
I could go further and remind you that your Police and Army go 6-9 months without being paid.
I am not done yet.  I hear that your teachers were told to raise goats if they do not like their under $100 a month pay and are not willing to wait up to a year to get paid because you have ghosts on the payroll.
The pensioners (our parents) have not seen money for many many months.
When Al Shabaab killed Ugandans in Somalia, it was revealed that the dead ones had gone some 6 months without being paid despite the fact that EU, UN and US send money on time.
When the suppliers cut off supplying food to UPF in 2015, they had not been paid since 2013 because apparently the money was not there.
You pay doctors a pathetic sh. 3 -5 million monthly and they have to wait for months to get paid but hey, if they have connections, they can be shipped off to Trinidad and Tobago where they get a cool $7,000 per month with other expenses paid on time.
Your medics even go on strike because of no toilets or latrines.
Kamuli Hospital is a death trap.  Busoga has too many jiggers.  So does Bududa and Karamoja.
Your roads are full of potholes.
Your bridges (unless it is Switzerland / Kigezi), farmers cannot send their products to markets.
You have an obscene parliament who only think of their stomachs and when they get sick, they fly out of Uganda at your expense to get treated.
Your kids are half illiterate and University graduates write at the level of a P2/P3 kid under Dr. Obote (RIP) or under Field Marshal Idi Amin (RIP).
Your lands have been taken away and given to "investors" who make better chapatis than you all.
Your oil, well, you even have no idea about it since you hate reading.
You chased Gay people out of Uganda because they caused all the above problems.
You wanted to kill your own children.  Remind me please what was Jesus' last commandment.
You act like your leader is Jesus.  What blasphemy.
You watched even praying being taken away and never said a word.
So this week you attack me because I dared to publish the piece about Fr. Anthony Musaala.
You picked on the wrong person and you need to be aware that I Admin many groups on Facebook and you are lucky that I have not banned you yet.
Lay off religion since you are lousy at it.
FOR JESUS DID NOT COME FOR THE HOLLY so never use Christianity as your defense.
Our God is an amazing God but you pretentilous Christians give Him a bad name.  
Tell me right here by commenting why you think that the God you believe in is better than the one I know.
All insults intended.  Get a job and stay off your kibiriti.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Born in Bududa District and Incubated in Canada
Bite me!
Too bad most of you will never be flown out of Uganda for medical treatment and neither will you ever afford the high end schools reserved for the rich in Uganda.  God saved me from your misery. 
People's sexuality should never be any of your business because we do not pry into your lives.  You fell for it.  Remember it always starts by singling out a group and when you are done, you move onto the next group.  Ask the clerics who were gunned down.  Or ask the FDC who were banned from prayers.  But you can even do better.  Go find the hundreds who are missing and are in your "Safe Houses" or coolers.  The next one will be you.  Martin Niemöller said it clearly.  You would have to be exorbitantly dumb not to see how fascism works.  You can also read the works of Viktor Frankl.  I am assuming that you did not do all your education under UPE and USE!
Mt St. Mary's Namagunga and Namugongo Girls school before Canada.
Use your brain.  Everything you say on my time line or even yours on the internet leaves a foot print forever.  If you cannot stand for it to be on the front page on a major publication then retain silence.
You may now proceed to block yourself.  Your opinion has never paid my bills.

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