Sunday, May 29, 2016

To trust or not to trust is the question - #Uganda

The average human being was born trustful, kind, compassionate and kind.
Through socialisation, we have lost our humanity.
Many of us have been hurt in one way or another by people we trusted.
Uganda has done an exceptional job of this by divide and conquer to the point that family members no longer trust each other.  Read about Fascism.
This month, we have watched the biggest opposition party in Uganda in which so many of us had faith crumble.
For the last 3 years, I watched many friends tell me not to trust FDC.
Pessimists always believe that you must prove to them why they should trust you.
Optimists say "I will trust you until you prove me wrong".  I am an optimist and have no intention of changing that.
We had a great opposition party that even many deserters from NRM joined.  
We had many from the Go Forward also join for opposition is one family.
As much as I have made it public for the last 2 years that I am #TeamKiyingi, I have also made it clear that I am #TeamOpposition.
Effectively, most of my social media and other internet work has been for opposition.  All opposition.
Far too many friends in FDC, Go Forward and NRM and yet all we all want is change for Uganda because the country is hurting.
My dedication on being #TeamKiyingi is based on his principals.
My friends in FDC were dedicated to #TeamFDC.
Friends in Go Foward were dedicated to #TeamJPAM.
The friends in NRM (I am gonna feed them a monkey) were dedicated to #Museveni for they thought and still think that only Jarukanga can hold the centre.
What Gen. Mugisha Muntu (FDC president) did this month has left many of us questioning our beliefs.
I respect Muntu a lot and have an admiration for him.
The problem was him to say one day that he would not appoint a LoP and then bow down and appoint one.
Do you have any idea what kind of division this has caused in FDC and how many people are laughing at us for having supported opposition and Dr. #Besigye?
This is a Public Relations nightmare and a psychological issue which I cannot even imagine how the FDC leadership will salvage.
We seem to be dealing with leaders who rode on the Besigye ticket and now that they have arrived, they do not even seem to care that Besigye is in the maximum prison?
To trust is not to trust is no longer an issue.
We do not trust you.  Let us return to working with our families on the trust issue which is key then return into politics when you can prove to us that we can now finally trust you.
How many youth from FDC were beaten, tortured, killed or languish in safe houses and jail all in the name of TRUST?
And how many from Go Forward are also missing?
My trust was not lost during this recent debacle from FDC.  It was lost the day when bodies washed up on Lake Victoria and none of the opposition demanded for a full investigation or halted their campaigns.
Trust is built and can be eroded over night.
Good luck opposition.  I am one of you but I shall now tread very careful for this time, trust must be earned as given up front.
It will be a challenge to rebuild from this catastrophic set back.  Museveni will rule forever because opposition broke the trust of all those who trusted opposition.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Uganda
#TeamKiyingi -- no more #TeamOpposition

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