Thursday, May 19, 2016

Saving world has never been a one man job - #Uganda

Ugandans must stop thinking that only Dr. Kizza #Besigye is the only one who can save Uganda from total destruction.
Some of my friends know this very well.  I said some.
For some reason, many Ugandans think that Dr. Besigye will save Ugandans from the calamity which is on the horizon.
Besigye has done enough and suffered much for it.
Now it is time for Ugandans to realise that he sowed the seed and the rest of us must each arise and do our part.  #WeAreAllUganda.
We are living in a period where so many other leaders exist and you as the future of Uganda, you also exist.
Nelson Mandela (RIP) was imprisoned for 27 years.  Did that stop South Africans from fighting for their liberation?  Those who were not imprisoned picked up the fight. 
Mandela was an inspiring leader (ignore what Mugabe says about him).  South Africans saw the sacrifices which Mandela had made and they picked up the fight and now there is no more apartheid in South Africa.  The main reason is because other black people in South Africa woke up to their suffering and misery and picked up the fight.
I head that the Kampala area MPs will go and walk out of Luzira with our president.   Something like JAIL BREAK.  But do you think he wants to be freed to only return to incarceration in State House Kasangati?
I am of the opinion that he is willing to die for Ugandans to find a better life, rather than accepting easy freedom and then only to watch his people being tear gassed, kidnapped, tortured, killed and imprisoned in their minds.
Time to wake up people.  Besigye laid the foundation for all of us to stand up and use our voices.
Many other leaders are involved in this. 
You make a very big mistake to ignore the work that Gen. Sejusa and Hon. Mbabazi have done and continue to do.  In parliament alone, you notice that there are other people who are in the Defiance campaign.  We have so many of them.  We just need to think with one mind.  We want our country returned to us.  This requires sacrifices from all of us.
We have activists globally and we have the internet and we should just remember that in the past elections, we did not have a prolifiration of Social Media in Uganda as much as we have now.  So we must stop counting on the few that put their lives online.  We all have a part to play.  AND that will require sacrifices from each and everyone of us.
One thing that keeps coming up is our brothers and brothers in UPF and UPDF who harrass you all and yet you know that they all suffer like all of us.  SPAN said, befriend them.  Give them water or food.  Do you think it is only teachers and medics who go without pay for months on end?  Even our former brothers and sisters in the forces go months without pay.  Our parents (elders) wait for months without their pensions.  So many of our elders, including those who fought in the bush war, have died with no compensation.
Think about the possibilities if we all stop counting on Besigye.  He will deserve a break from the ongoing persecution of him.
Information you might not need but could use.  Long live all Ugandans who want a better future for our children and grand children.  Even my girls would love to be in Uganda (tongue in cheek) so let us get down to business.
Yours truly,
Martha Leah Nangalama
Born and raised in Bududa.  Too bad the hospital is a Death Trap!

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  1. And now that the "Leopard" is creating a personal army led by his son, folks should not delay and should not allow this to happen.