Thursday, May 19, 2016

Rwenzururu region under occupation - #Uganda

Interesting information coming in from one of our contacts on the ground.
Fact finding results
#Army still camping in the sub counties of Buhuhira, Kyabarungira, and Bwesumbu.
UPDF and UPF still carrying out day and night patrols on the streets of Kasese and the previously affected areas.

The level of intimidation and fear among the residents is on the rise due to the presence of armed uniformed men in the areas.

No compensation plan has been put in place to cover up the people who lost their lives. In fact the government program of peace building has not yielded a lot especially to the silent voices of people who were affected.

The people on the slopes of Mt.Rwenzori feel their problems are not yet solved and as a matter of fact we predict a future outburst if the issues of the people are still unsolved.

More report to follow as am still around for four more days

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