Monday, May 23, 2016

PLANE MUST CRASH - #Uganda joke

A man and his wife were traveling to Italy by air for business.
As the Plane neared the destination airport and Started the descend for landing the pilot announced...
...."Ladies and gentlemen ..
we're sorry to announce that the landing gear has jammed and the weather is NOT favourable too.. it seems like we are headed for a devastating crash.
We will try our best to land the plane on its belly but visibility is also very poor as you can see outside..
...Meantime We Request everyone to Pray and seek forgiveness with Family & Friends. Please call your Families and Wish them well and tell them to Pray for our safety".
At that point, Jack touched his wife and said, 'Honey please forgive me, Your sister who stays with us has been my lover, we had several abortions, she had even planned to poison you on your return from Italy so that we elope and go to USA, please forgive me.
His wife responded,'
No problem dear. Since its a confession time, let me also confess, hope you will have the heart to forgive me,'
John and Esther among our 3 childrens are not your biological kids, Your only biological child is Victoria, the rest belong to Ezra our best man, You remember when you were robbed by gangs last year?...
'He answered yes I do,' I set you up with some gang who robbed you beccause I needed to pay for my boyfriend Albert tution's fee, Even now, I have arranged for your death through hired gangs on your return, Jack responded, no problem, have forgiven you.
Other passengers were also calling their spouses, relatives etc and confessing and Praying hard.
Meanwhile, as the confessions were going on, the pilot announced,'
"Ladies and gentlemen it's through your powerful prayers and faith that God has answered your.
The Landing Gear has Finally worked and the Wheels have Successfully Pulled out for Safe Landing.
All the passengers in the plain became silent instead of rejoicing the good news,
Jack shouted, Pilot! Pilot! This plane must crash or we crash it.. !!!
Everyone Shouted, Yeeessss the Plane Must Crash!!!
What are Your Confessions fellow YPA members??
KATO is a #youth who writes about social change but occasionally makes us laugh.

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