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[Dictator #Museveni makes a grave mistake to think that the world is not watching.  The investors and donors watch everything which is going on in Uganda.  In fact, they read our media in Uganda trying to apologize for a man who has been in power for far too long and caused the deaths of many.  The ICC attack was meant to tell Ugandans that they must not accept Imperialism.  Pray tell us why you go begging for money from the Western Powers when Russia and China can fund all your military operations and your army?!  Ndiwulira.]
News Headline   NRM winning the war against corruption. M7 announces this news.
Definition: Corruption is a form of dishonest or unethical conduct by a person entrusted with a position of authority.
 Yes he actually said this last week. Such delusion is unfathomable given the short history of Uganda over the last say six months. Has he looked at all, of the international reports of the election process?
Has there been any new policies announced to tackle the crippling level of corruption at the top of Ugandan society. Have any new truly independent bodies been created to examine in detail the conduct of the state house the parliament the police of the judiciary as a start.
He seems to just waffle on saying anything that comes to mind that he thinks people might like to hear.
Would he accent to a full in depth interview with a foreign correspondent as a local Ugandan would be naturally too frightened to ask the real questions.
Will he submit the accounts and finances of the state house to a thorough and independent audit? Dishonest use of public money is corruption.
The state collects taxes so that the collective of the elected representatives use that money for the benefit of the people.
It is not collected so that a President can go about the country like Santa Clause dispersing money to each and every project that takes his fancy or brings him votes.
Public money is just that and its use should be fully accounted to the public. Any other use is corruption.
Will the URA confirm that all Ugandan individuals and companies are subject to revenue audit? That they are aware of the ownership of all lands and buildings in the state and that any income accruing to companies of individuals is subject to tax.
So who owns the garden city mall, the Sheraton hotel and the plethora of other assets within the State? Is the proper level of tax being paid? Will the new government before they consider any new taxes or raising taxes guarantee this is the situation.
Is your foreign minister and a host of others in power fully tax compliant.
The cornerstone of any democracy is government and opposition. So for a President to promise to crush the opposition over the course of his current term of power, that is a direct threat to democracy. It is unethical and dishonest and is therefore corrupt.
I would go further to say that such action threatens the very state and is therefore treason. This is far worse than any implied actions by the current leader of the Opposition FDC. Without a good strong opposition no state can truly be free.
If there is no person, party, institution to hold a president and government to account you get very poor and corrupt governance. This can be vividly seen in Uganda today.
M7 spare the words for which you are so renowned and take action. Admit now that you are so far in the mire that you are unable to change. Look at the definition of corruption. You now embody this entirely. I
t is time to go.  So a headline NRM winning the war on corruption is a total and absolute falsehood and M7 knows that.
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