Sunday, May 29, 2016

North Korea calls #Uganda's #Museveni dictator with no back bone!

Dictator Museveni has opened up a pandora's box when he invited South Korea's president to visit Uganda. President Park Geun-hye of South Korea flew into Uganda to stop dictator Museveni's military partnership with Kim Jong-Un the president of North Korea.
Uganda government had signed an agreement in 2014 with North Korea to start training Uganda police and UPDF. This prompted the UN security council to open up an investigation into Uganda's corroborations with North Korea.
North Korea sent its military officers to train the police and the results have been paying off as the Uganda police has been brutalizing Ugandans.
Dictator Museveni was so angry at Kim Jong-Un for not attending his swearing in as he was invited to the less acknowledged function except only when the USA and EU diplomats walked away and thats what caught the international press's interest in Museveni's swearing in.
North Korea has recalled its military training officers calling Museveni a man with mental disability.
South Korea has persuaded the Museveni regime to abandon North Korea but South Korea offered to help Uganda in Technology instead of police training. 
What you see happening in the country is a regime so desperate for international recognition and it can go to any length to make it happen.
Meanwhile more rebel groups are popping up to remove the dinosaur dictator from power.
Nathan Span

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